Outstanding Grinder Award

Accomplished by Layanna on Jul 26th 2009

PI Username: Layanna
Location: Bucholz (Niedersachsen), Germany
Home Poker Room: BetMost Poker

Outstanding Grinder Award - Layanna has led The "EH" Team to numorous first place finishes in the fantasy team poker challenge as well as a top finisher in the GOLD and SILVER Freerolls.

Tanja Grafert R.

Where are you from?
Germany - Bucholz ( Niedersachsen )

Home poker room?
BetMost Poker

How did you hear about PokerInside.com and how long have you been a member?

I found you on google and have been a member since May 2006

What items/features/promotions do you like about about PokerInside.com? (Basically, what is most useful to you?)
I love the Team Poker and the Weekly Poker Payback

How long have you been playing poker?

I think since around 2004

Do you play only online or do you play live events as well?

I play online for the ease of it and because I am mainly at home.

How often, how many tables, and what limits do you play?

I play very often actually, usually between 12 -16 tabels NL10 - NL50 depending on which strategy. Sometimes you can find me also at NL100

Any big wins or success stories you would like to tell us about?

I haven't done anything really great yet but my best experience are:

New Years $100,000 hand race 14th to 31st of January 2008 place 32 and from time to time a Pokerinside gold or silver tournament win.

What are your poker aspirations or goals?
Nothing too special, except that I have long had fun at poker and hope to continue to do so. At this point I would like to thank all members of the EH Team. Thanks also to PokerInside, without you a lot of this wouldn't be possible. :)  A very big thank you to my family and their support for the last few months as they have not been easy. I love you

The PokerInside Team would like to congratulate you on your play as well as wish you tons of success during your poker career. Keep on grinding!

PokerInside Staff