PokerStars Sunday Millions Winner

Accomplished by diegoaiz on Aug 31st 2008

PI Username: diegoaiz
Location: Buenos Aires
Home Poker Room: PokerStars

Winner of the Sunday Millions at PokerStars

Diego Aizenberg

Buenos Aires

Home Poker Room:

How long have you been playing poker?
3 years

What is your favorite game/stakes to play?
Texas Holdem NL

How long have you been a PI member?
Since Feb-2006

What are your favorite things about being a PI member / Why do you like the site?
I like the sponsorships and the private events

How did you find
Searching the internet

Please take us through the later stages of the tournament…any big hands or bad beats?
I arrived at the final table as the chip leader, but soon I fell to the 7th position.When we just were 3 players I have a lot of patience and it took almost 125 hands to beat the last one at the heads up.You can see a resume of the final table at

It's really worth seeing!!

Watch Pokerstars Sunday Million on

What are your poker goals or aspirations?
I'm really happy with that big win, now I'll go for more!! I really want to play at the WSOP main event in Las Vegas

Do you play in live events? If so, which ones and where?
In my country, Argentina, the possibilities to play in live events are very few. Two years ago there was tournaments of 70-100 players at hotels and I won 3 of that (in 10 presentations). But  the local autorithies have forbid me to keep playing in Buenos Aires.

I played my last live tournament a month ago in Bariloche, in the south of my country.

What big events do you plan on playing in during 2009? Live or Online.
I really hope I can play the LAPT (Latinoamerican Poker Tour) in Chile, Brasil, Uruguay and Argentine. I'm already talking with some possible sponsors.

And keep playing online on weekends!

What a great comback! The video explains it all. Well done and good luck in future events. We hope to see you again on the PI Wall of Fame!