Team Poker Straight Flush!

Accomplished by chiquirritica on Nov 19th 2008

Team FISHPOKER64 received a straight flush in the Fantasy Team Poker Challenge, they received $1000 and 70,000 points giving them a commanding lead in the November Challenge.

PI Username: Chiquirritica
Location: Spain
Home Poker Room: BetMost Poker

Team Owner of the FISHPOKER64, winners of the straight flush jackpot.

How long have you been a Pokerinside member?

4 or 5 months a PI member and about how long I have played poker.

How did you hear of

I found it on Google when I was searching for poker sites. I became a member and started a team that

same day.

Really?  So how did you learn?

A friend who plays chess with me is a professional poker player… and he sent me the rules and theories

for playing poker.

Later I began to play.

Actually, now it is my favorite game!

I play about 4-6 hours a day online.

Where are you mostly playing?

Always on BestMost Poker, it is my main site, and the site I like most for the graphics. The chat support is always active and PI offers so much for playing there.

They are's home room and they do a great job!


What is your favorite poker game right now? What do you mainly play?

NL sit and go and MTTs.

Always NL Texas hold em, I consider that limit is not pure style.

I agree....definitely NL is the best.

So when you realized your team hit the straight flush what were your thoughts? How did you find out?


Tell me a bit about that.

One player sent me an MSN message, it said, “Don’t lose the hope , look now at the team’s position!”

It was NazPok, another member of our team. He is a strong player.

And to my surprise I see the straight flush!

All I said was “Wow!”


I got your email this morning.....then did some other players try to jump onto your team?

Yes…I started to see players that had never played on our team before wanting to join us.

Ya I can imagine they want a piece of that $1000 and the $500!

So I closed the register, because the natural players are 6 persons.

dddave, nazpok, surfgirl, michfran, greatwill, and me ...

Well I’m glad you caught the players trying to jump in on the action!

Our team has had an unlucky time in the table.

Well I am sure this will make up for some of that.

On what are some of your favorite things? Why do you like PI?

Really for the team and the sponsorships that give some dollars for play in other sites.

The fantasy team is fantastic.

At first I didn’t think anyone played in the team challenge but then it began to grow.

And now always in the private freeroll tournaments players from other teams are always saying hello to one another.

It is very nice interaction, it’s like a poker family!

Exactly...a community of poker players.

And in the Team Forum you can talk about the good, bad and unlucky.

All the players there support one another through the ups and downs.

All poker players will have bad times playing poker.

Very and downs.

So where are you from?

I am from Cordoba Andalucia, Spain. It is a beautiful place.

It even sounds very beautiful :-)

I was living in Granada, Marbella, etc always here in Spain.

What do you do for a living?

I am photographer, but really I dream will to travel to other countries and play poker!

I am 28 years old.

Do you want to get into playing live games/tournaments?

I have never played a real live event but on the weekends we play poker here with other players.  It is a small group of players that plays 3 times a week.

But I do play about 4-6 hours a day and study strategy for better play. I like it a lot.

Very nice...have you checked out our new poker university?

Only one time...

Keep an eye on will be very cool!

I see the videos in the stack guru university.

PokerInside: Well thanks for your time and congratulations on the straight flush!