$500 Fantasy Jackpot Winners!

Accomplished by mulatek on Oct 8th 2008

During the month of October we launched the $50,000 Fantasy Jackpot and in it's first month team Van der pleskavica received four aces to win $500! We spoke with one of the team members about the win and to find out more about his play.

PI Username: Mulatek
Location: Slovenia
Home Poker Room: BetMost Poker

Part of the $500 winning team in the Fantasy Poker Challenge!

What are some of your favorite PI features?
Poker Payback, Fantasy Team, and the Poker Babes.

Nice...who is your favorite babe?
Kate is really cute.

We agree. You play live and online, any big wins?
Live I won €7900 in Austria and online I won 3 rounds of qualifyers to play live in the Bahamas with Chris Moneymaker, I ended up winning $10,000.

That's pretty sweet! How is poker in Slovenia?
Not that big, there are only two casinos and I have to drive 100km to play good poker.

That is quite a drive to play cards. Well good work on winning the $500! We look forward to watching your team in November!

We want to congratulate the members of team Van der pleskavica!