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Top 5 Fantasy Hands

Ad As Ac 9d 9s
Full House, Aces over Nines

Td Th Tc Qs Qd
Full House, Tens over Queens

9d 9s 9c 3c 3h
Full House, Nines over Threes

Ad Kd 9d 3d 2d
Flush, Ace High

Kc Jc 8c 7c 4c
Flush, King High

Team Comment Wall

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joebottrop007 posted on Sep 8th 2015 ...

aha..we quali for the freeroll #1 last month, they credit me a tokken vaild 7.9. and tourney is on 13.07 ..others with same problem ?

LUCKASS posted on Aug 20th 2015 ...

Hi, I would wanna join the team. I am playing ipoker on a regular basis again. +20k hands a week.
I have been in a team before (Smokingdonkeys). Let me know, if we can get something goin. Best

kopidopulos posted on May 25th 2015 ...

a skypom farago andor csantaver

kopidopulos posted on May 14th 2015 ...

helló...köszi hogy meghiwtal....ebben a honapban nem tudok túl aktiv lenni,jöwö hónaptol inkább...üdv

DeathMan posted on May 9th 2015 ...

PokerInside Fantasy Poker 1 $500
Registration begins: 2015. 05. 09. 18:05
Tournament starts: 2015. 05. 10 18:05
Min players: 10

Calmheho posted on Jan 7th 2015 ...

Hi, I'm currently member at Poker_for_life team but would like to change team next month. I usually do 1000-1500 RH per month so email me the password at bringmethecards@live.com if you're interested in me.

ECBLUNT posted on Nov 13th 2014 ...

can I join your team ?

tonytom posted on Sep 28th 2014 ...

email address?

AmUnNume posted on Sep 22nd 2014 ...

Hi, do you need members in team? I make like 5/6k rh on week I think, or something like that. I'm CrAwLeOy***g from tables if we played togheder :)
Displaying #1-9 of 9 total comments

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