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degens. that's all.

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3h 3d 3c 3s 7d
Four of a Kind, Threes

Kh Kd Ks Qd Qc
Full House, Kings over Queens

5d 5s 5c Qh Qc
Full House, Fives over Queens

2c 2s 2h 6h 6c
Full House, Twos over Sixs

Ac Kh Qs Jd Th
Ace High Straight

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ToniCash76 posted on Jul 11th 2011 ...

Hi all, i can you give better than 40% rakeback, write me an email: franco.c1976@yahoo.de

10oser posted on Mar 10th 2010 ...

Greetings to all! I a new member of your command!), I hope not who not against??

POKERFACE1985 posted on Aug 5th 2009 ...

hi there... i will join your team... im dutch... and i play poker a few hours a week... play on any site there is... butfrom know on i only play on betmost with the team... can you tell me how it works? my email is geworden@hotmail.com

greets Paul

alf1978 posted on May 22nd 2009 ...

This is public team.. You should join without any password! What's the problem??

P.S. I left this team because of very low activity from all players.. For example: bmwcoupe is not active from December 2008.

kamiru posted on May 20th 2009 ...

Hi! Can I join this team? I play a lot too -)

Varszegi posted on May 10th 2009 ...

I'd like to join this team.
I play a lot of rake hand, so this could be helpful. (30 hour a week)
May I get the password?
My e-mail: vtomi18@freemail.hu

Best regards,

Tamas Varszegi

Hinge1980 posted on Nov 28th 2008 ...

slobxns posted on Aug 6th 2008 ...

Keep up the good work guys.I am going to play 500-1000 RH per day.

and then 4 month later he have 5115 raked hands... that should have been between 60.000 and 120.000 raked hands....

Hinge1980 posted on Nov 23rd 2008 ...

ill bet you all that coupe doesnt even remember that he is on this team...

mothersquatch posted on Nov 3rd 2008 ...

Well coupe, I figured I'd join in with all the others and offer you a place on The "EH" Team, We've got a spot if your up for a change. I make sure that all other teammates are active, unlike the stituation here!

Ramashx posted on Nov 1st 2008 ...

invitations to join my team

argentina poker


frankycad posted on Oct 26th 2008 ...

There's a spot open in my team (french connection, we are currently in 4th place) for a serious player who can make more than 750 raked hand a week.
See you there !

pifcoke posted on Oct 13th 2008 ...

hello bmw and thestallion13,we are the french connection,come and check us out.i have a place for 1 but if you 2 want to join i will make another placejust for players like you.we are in 8 place for now.see you soon

molderz posted on Sep 21st 2008 ...

eeehh lucky 4 of kind...

slobxns posted on Aug 6th 2008 ...

Keep up the good work guys.I am going to play 500-1000 RH per day.

fish05 posted on Jul 31st 2008 ...

fullflushz your welcome to my team....going for the first place..

fish05 posted on Jul 31st 2008 ...

hi bmwmcoupe..i would like you to join my team..........machz..

thestallion13 posted on Jan 29th 2008 ...

Displaying #1-17 of 17 total comments

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