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trying to hit a royal flush for the $50k. good luck team

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Kc Tc 8c 4c 3c
Flush, King High

Js 6s 4s 3s 2s
Flush, Jack High

Ac Ks Qh Jc Td
Ace High Straight

Qs Jd Td 9c 8h
Queen High Straight

Jh Ts 9c 8s 7d
Jack High Straight

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savvan posted on Dec 12th 2013 ...

to kingfisher12

Every 50 raked hands a team plays will earn that team 1 Fantasy Card from a virtual 52-card deck. Every 5 Fantasy Cards forms a Fantasy Hand which is assigned a point value (see table). Your total Fantasy Points ranks you on the leaderboard.

kingfisher12 posted on Dec 10th 2013 ...

I collected a royal flush playing at BetMost Poker! I assumed what prize??

eNlightenment_ posted on Oct 4th 2013 ...

Hello all, im a fairly regular player, should cover 10k a month minimum, hope im welcome here

lardaux posted on Sep 22nd 2013 ...

hello i m new player ;-)

maijagrante posted on Jun 6th 2013 ...

nice to meet you, team; happy poker; i have some secret info, just write me a personal message;

SAbrahams posted on Oct 1st 2012 ...


my name is Steffen, I begin again to play poker at betmostpoker. Therefore I am looking for a team for the "fantasy poker".
Playing back continuously and make more than 5000 racked hands per month.
I am pleased when I can enter your team

Sincerely yours

malizlivuk posted on Jun 6th 2012 ...

Hi I'am Malizlivuk from Mobile team and I looking new team to join

asdasdada posted on Jun 3rd 2012 ...

I just came back to Betmost, played a bit, but nibs are messed up, and raked hands not recording is that normal on weekends?

feri1972 posted on Jun 3rd 2012 ...

Hi to all members of Fancy Guppies Team....
I'am....Feri1972 currently plaing in the team
Newbegining and I would like to play for your team. I play 1 hour a day

asdasdada posted on Jun 3rd 2012 ...

Hi, nice to join this team. Some info for you guys. I play 6 max $0.5/$1, 8000 rh/week. 200 nibs a week. 2 tabling.

I also play a lot of $10 super turbo heads up (50 a week). Each game gives you 1 nib, and 25 rh, so I love it.

I am current earning $0.20/nib. I am a Chinese Canadian, turning 21 August 10. I use poker office and poker tracker. Nice to meet you all :)

hugoleal32 posted on May 5th 2012 ...

can i join this team? i do 1000 nibs per week

VMRULEZ posted on Apr 28th 2012 ...

Can I be your team

sparkypoker1980 posted on Apr 27th 2012 ...

omg i won the fort knox consolation prizes 2 times today

dasen_split posted on Apr 21st 2012 ...

do the aquariums help you relax while you playing poker?mine sure does..gl fellow fish buffs..

sparkypoker1980 posted on Apr 15th 2012 ...

good luck team
Displaying #1-15 of 15 total comments

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