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You must benchpress at least 150 kg to join

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7h 7c 7d Kd Kc
Full House, Sevens over Kings

Ks Qs 8s 6s 5s
Flush, King High

Qh 8h 7h 4h 3h
Flush, Queen High

Jd 7d 4d 3d 2d
Flush, Jack High

Kd Qs Js Ts 9c
King High Straight

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snoekkie posted on Nov 18th 2008 ...

he guys...I saw this team and I know I belong in this. Can I stay?

erixxx posted on Oct 2nd 2008 ...

Finally a benching power team!!!

OZVIllain posted on Sep 25th 2008 ...

hello mate... i am lokking for a team to play ... if is cool i will start to play for this team! .

let me know if i can stay..

happy betting!


jarnolappa posted on Jul 7th 2008 ...

Hello to you, maybe you can make a spot for me in your team?

I can consume nice amount of raked hands for us.


pifcoke posted on Jul 4th 2008 ...

hello poker sponcor,this message is for you. I,m pifcoke from the french connection,if you want to come on our team and have a bigger chance of winning money for your huge amount of time played on the tables then theck us out we are presently in 13 place.in beginning of june we finished in 17place.

lets go come on the team were 9 players work to win$$

good day pifcoke

Zjieee posted on Jun 5th 2008 ...

Hello, give me some days to make a deposit on betmost and i'll make my share of it.

pokerlife posted on May 20th 2008 ...

He guys,

Sorry for being inactive. I had some big payments to make this month (just bought a new car) and I am now waiting for my loan to come. As soon as I get it I will be playing like normal (min 2hours a day) and I will assure you that I will get a lot of nibs for our team.
For now I can't offer you much for the teamplay. I really feel bad about it . So write me if you want me to do something.
Gr. pokerlife

CashinKKing posted on May 15th 2008 ...

wow you guys are catching the hands 1st will be hard to hold gl

swissgambler posted on May 15th 2008 ...

Wow 2 Flushed in just 4 hours, not bad, nice catch!

remove-wchiri posted on May 13th 2008 ...

hi guys, hope to get some raked hands!

i bench 151kg woohoo! lol jk

posted on Apr 30th 2008 ...

Let's kick some ass!
Displaying #1-11 of 11 total comments

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