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Come on People... rake some hands... we need them....

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Top 5 Fantasy Hands

Jc Js Jd Ad Ah
Full House, Jacks over Aces

9s 9c 9d Qc Qh
Full House, Nines over Queens

As Ts 7s 4s 2s
Flush, Ace High

Kd Jd 9d 6d 5d
Flush, King High

Qc Jd Td 9d 8s
Queen High Straight

Team Comment Wall

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edbkongen posted on Nov 26th 2011 ...

welcome to the team gdsr1kid.... go rake some hands... GL on the tables..

edbkongen posted on Oct 19th 2011 ...

vytas3d, teemuhh,imizzz... get into the game... start playing some hands.. or you will be kicked out of the team...

eskeroden posted on Mar 29th 2011 ...

Relnart.. try writing an mail to support@betmostpoker.com
they can help you...

relnart posted on Mar 24th 2011 ...

maybe you guys can help me because i cannot connect to betmost poker... it says "Cannot contact the gaming server. Please check your Internet connection and try again. You can only continue in Offline mode.

Sorry for the inconvenience." whenever I try. maybe someone knows what's the problem? thanks

tlh666 posted on Mar 23rd 2011 ...

you only get them if you play on betmost poker

relnart posted on Mar 21st 2011 ...

sorry for a stupid question but how should i play raked hands? cos i am playing them but it doesn't count for me... :S

edbkongen posted on Mar 20th 2011 ...

to all the new members .... you will have to play... not only be a member... Lets get lucky on the tables - cu there...

tlh666 posted on Mar 19th 2011 ...

very nice hit a full house lastnight.....that should keep us top ten.
keep raking those hands and good luck on the tables all !!!

Lik666 posted on Mar 15th 2011 ...

Excuse me. Will soon have a salary, make a deposit and start playing, wait a bit

edbkongen posted on Mar 13th 2011 ...

Lik666 - go play some cards or you will be kicked out

edbkongen posted on Mar 13th 2011 ...

nice going tlh666... good luck to you to...

tlh666 posted on Mar 7th 2011 ...

there we go 1000 raked hand on my sunday off !! not to bad. i do about 200-400 a day. that should keep us in the top 10 at least.
good luck on the tables all !!!!

tlh666 posted on Mar 6th 2011 ...

you can see how many hand i can rake in one day !!!

tlh666 posted on Mar 6th 2011 ...

you all looking for another player?

edbkongen posted on Jan 13th 2011 ...

everybody is welcome - u2 egame89.. all our shared prizes(tickets and freerolls) goes to all off us team members..
We are all playing for fun - and occass. win a prize..


Egame89 posted on Jan 7th 2011 ...

Hello maybe you can accept me in your team. I will not play too often and big bets, but I can contribute:)

edbkongen posted on Oct 31st 2010 ...

If we get a freeroll Ticket to our teamplay - I will forward it direcly to you.- or inform you when to play it.. Where do you play ?? bestmost ? cdpoker ? or another place ? If you supply me your username at the place you play - i would be great...a bit easyer to transfer any tickets..

edbkongen posted on Oct 31st 2010 ...

You are very welcome.... We are only playing for fun - and sometimes winning a bit... there is a weekly freeroll thursday night (as i remember) ... and depending on your earned pokernibs - there is 5 different freerolls on sundays - called copper, bronze, silver, emerald and ruby

Gluv22 posted on Oct 13th 2010 ...

I hope you don't mind me Joining. I just dont want my raked hands to go to waste. kick me off when I go inactive. I want a freeroll. lets get lucky!
Displaying #1-19 of 19 total comments

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