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join me friends :D

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8c 8s 8d 8h 6s
Four of a Kind, Eights

Tc Ts Th Qh Qd
Full House, Tens over Queens

8d 8c 8s 3c 3h
Full House, Eights over Threes

7d 7h 7s 9s 9h
Full House, Sevens over Nines

6d 6s 6c 9s 9c
Full House, Sixs over Nines

Team Comment Wall

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SNGMDJX posted on May 14th 2012 ...

Hi all,
Just about to get back into Betmost after huge losses and long stay away.
Let's roll with the RH's and see where we get!

hugoleal32 posted on May 5th 2012 ...

hello anyone!? fuck this time bye losers

hugoleal32 posted on May 4th 2012 ...

wt we won from the last month?

hugoleal32 posted on Apr 11th 2012 ...

Ok, im part of this team now, lets rank

tampit posted on Apr 11th 2012 ...

You're free to join our team. Just take the empty slot.

hugoleal32 posted on Apr 10th 2012 ...

RH? its possible or no join the team? i have more 50k raked hands and i started playing again on Bet Most.

tampit posted on Apr 10th 2012 ...

anybody who's making RH is invited to join our team.
There is an empty slot.
Good luck!

hugoleal32 posted on Apr 9th 2012 ...

hi, its possible join me in the team?

dani1977 posted on Mar 31st 2012 ...

Congrats everybody for top 5 two months in a row.

tampit posted on Mar 7th 2012 ...

Congrats Kamiru for winning the Fantasy poker challenge.
Welcome back hotfix.
Congrats to all for the second place at Fantasy poker challenge.
I hope we will be in the first 5 teams this month too.
GL at the tables.

hotfix666 posted on Mar 2nd 2012 ...

Im a gambler...its boring for me sit and wait on good cards etc :( But I can make many hands on low limit and dont loose for much :) Casino was good for me and I win much but you know a person with problem play it away and dont cash out. I dont have cash out from poker many times before...1 time when I win big €7000 but €5000 of that I play away :( Read books its boring :( I can make many hands and dont loose so much on low limit :)

kamiru posted on Feb 29th 2012 ...

hi hotfix! in poker u have more chances to win money. maybe in casino u have no chances at all. i have been playing poker for 3 years and i never deposited my own money. my first bankroll was from affiliate promotion. i used to play short stacks and make some money on that. now i play tournament poker and my cash outs are not very high but i improve my skills.
i advise u to read some poker books. they can really help u and poker can really be profitable.

hotfix666 posted on Feb 26th 2012 ...

Hi all....I have gaming problems and have loose all my money many years and last years I have play casino and not so much poker. I see after some month on casino is same like poker... I bet higher and higher and money is gone fast. Soon I give betmost a chans with a deposit but first I need make some change so I dont can play big and only make many hands :)

kostas0918 posted on Feb 14th 2012 ...


kamiru posted on Feb 13th 2012 ...


kamiru posted on Feb 13th 2012 ...


kostas0918 posted on Feb 13th 2012 ...

Hey mate congratulations!!!
What is your nickname at BM?

kamiru posted on Feb 12th 2012 ...

hey buddies! i won fantasy 1 challenge today! waiting for congratulations=)

kamiru posted on Jan 31st 2012 ...

hi all! will try my best to do kilo rh's

tampit posted on Jan 19th 2012 ...

Thank you for your interest Dingus, but we have here a very good team and I don't see why do you think that we need to change the team.
It's true that we have some inactive players but we will survive.
Back in action friends. Let's play to remain in top 5.
Welcome in our team Lancierul.

Dingus posted on Jan 13th 2012 ...

If anyone is looking for a team with more active members, the Lancers are looking to add players who actually rake hands and get nibs each week. Email support to get removed from this team and then look us up. Just added our 3rd player, use to be a top team with 10 active members.

kostas0918 posted on Jan 12th 2012 ...

Welcome back mate.GL at the tables.

cence150 posted on Jan 11th 2012 ...

hey, im back. we will see how it goes this time round

mothersquatch posted on Nov 2nd 2011 ...

Well it looks like another month screwed up! The RH's for the 31st are still missing & the team comp has been listed as completed?!
I posted a suggestion here (http://www.pokerinside.com/forums/announcements-1/poker-nibs-raked-hands-information-4274277.html/page:last#bottom), if you support it, post it!

tampit posted on Sep 24th 2011 ...

Welcome in our team, gorre!
I'm glat that you finally choose to join our team(he is my friend).
See you at the tables!
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