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Middle English 'bal', from Old Norse 'bollr' and akin to Old High German 'balla'; combined with the commin suffix 'er' denoting one that does or performs (a specified action)

Therefore, a baller is, literally, 'one who balls'

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Top 5 Fantasy Hands

5c 5s 5d 5h 8s
Four of a Kind, Fives

Ac Jc 9c 8c 3c
Flush, Ace High

Kc Jc 9c 8c 3c
Flush, King High

Kc 7c 6c 5c 4c
Flush, King High

As Kd Qc Jd Tc
Ace High Straight

Team Comment Wall

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zoltan84 posted on May 31st 2010 ...

Hi PCRaiser!

If you want to play in an active team and be in the top 10 every month, join the Hungarian Power team.

Please write a comment if you are interested.


acefishing posted on Mar 31st 2010 ...

if you need another member im available
im new here
ill be playin 500 to 2500 raked hands a week
im a fisherman that goes away for a month at a time a few times a year
but when im home i belong to 30+ sites
but play 1/2 dozen or so steady ill be playing here steady as well for the
500 to 2500 hands a week
let me know password and team namif im invited to join
email fishermansnide@shaw.ca

dark3ros posted on Mar 12th 2010 ...

Hi Ballers,

fabiosnarf posted on Mar 8th 2010 ...

if u are looking for a member... i'm an active player here looking for a team...
the team that I'm now isn't playing, just me...

c4xxxo posted on Feb 14th 2010 ...

HI there i currently am in my own team from when i started but only have a friend who no longer plays poker. i would like to join this team and leave mine if im welcome, i currently play 1-2500hands a day usually 6tabling 6hr 4/10PLO please let me know a.s.a.p as i can make a large contribution to ur team

josh122 posted on Nov 25th 2009 ...

dont let asdasdada join he only wants ticket then leave

asdasdada posted on Nov 22nd 2009 ...

hey, just wondering are there any inactive members here u can kick? I would like to jion your team. I play about 1000 rh per week and I can garentee at least 700 rh/week you can email me at shu1522@hotmail.com

heinZH posted on Nov 8th 2009 ...

hy guys!
I am looking for a new team.. mine is almost down
so if you need any help please let me know
this week I made 1700RHs.. its not that much but at least its something

photolong posted on Sep 10th 2009 ...

hi i have my own team but looking for players or to join a active team, if you would like another team member let me Know. my team is called Emily and Adam you can leave a message there or on you're wall, I get around the 1,000 racked hand mark a week.

dropetl posted on Aug 22nd 2009 ...

Lets go Grinders!!! :D

PCRaiser posted on Aug 22nd 2009 ...

Up the Ballers!
Displaying #1-11 of 11 total comments

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