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Players with aver. 2500 rh per week are invited!

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Top 5 Fantasy Hands

Ah Kh Jh Th 9h
Flush, Ace High

Qs 7s 6s 5s 3s
Flush, Queen High

Ad As Ah 4d 3c
Three of a Kind, Aces

Qh Qc Qd As Kc
Three of a Kind, Queens

Qd Qc Qs Ah Kd
Three of a Kind, Queens

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alf1978 posted on Feb 4th 2013 ...

Hi misterno1!
Do you playing a lot..? :) If it so &
if you still want to join this team - write your e-mail here. I will send password..
P.S. Team owner is not against that.. :)


misterno1 posted on Jan 30th 2013 ...

hi, can i join your team?

Filocarp0 posted on Jun 12th 2011 ...

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ketlin posted on Apr 21st 2011 ...

The best rakeback site on the internet:

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And you get a part of your friends rake. :)

Sorry for a little spam. :)

alf1978 posted on Dec 3rd 2010 ...

Empire1010: don't understand your post..

empire1010 posted on Dec 1st 2010 ...

joint team
Displaying #1-6 of 6 total comments

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Joined Sep 19th 10

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