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pokern, fussball-alles gegen langeweile

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9s 9c 9h 9d Th
Four of a Kind, Nines

4h 4s 4d 4c As
Four of a Kind, Fours

7d 7s 7h 8c 8h
Full House, Sevens over Eights

2s 2h 2c 6h 6s
Full House, Twos over Sixs

Kh Qh Jh 8h 6h
Flush, King High

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joebottrop007 posted on Feb 1st 2012 ...

hi there, i was founder and leader of team titan croatia..after ftp is down, i will play here again, iam a real aktiv player..speaking deutsch,english,hrvatski.
send mail for questions or passwort to joebottrop007@hotmail.de

ToniCash76 posted on Jul 11th 2011 ...

Hi all, i can you give better than 40% rakeback, write me an email: franco.c1976@yahoo.de

royalalin84 posted on Jan 3rd 2011 ...

hi bin neu hier aber spiele schon seid 4 jahren online und auch livepoker wollte mal fragen ob ihr mich aufnehmen könnt,,,email:royalallin84@freenet.de oder skype.Royalallin11..würd mich freuen

fabiosnarf posted on Mar 8th 2010 ...

if u are looking for a member... i'm an active player here looking for a team...
the team that I'm now isn't playing, just me...

josh122 posted on Nov 25th 2009 ...

dont let asdasdada join ur team he just wants ticket and then leave

asdasdada posted on Nov 22nd 2009 ...

hey, just wondering are there any inactive members here u can kick? I would like to jion your team. I play about 1000 rh per week and I can garentee at least 700 rh/week you can email me at shu1522@hotmail.com

Callmynuts posted on Nov 14th 2009 ...

moin suche ne aktive gruppe

ich spiele Midstakes un mache ca. 300-500 hands pro Tag.

bei interesse schreibt mir einfach ne Mail:

callmynuts (AT) googlemail.com

zabirabi posted on Nov 1st 2009 ...

ihr könnt mich auch anschreiben unter t_zang@web.de.....

zabirabi posted on Oct 31st 2009 ...

was ist die vorraussetzung im monat an hände??

josh122 posted on Oct 22nd 2009 ...

join the team in 3rd

PedroHAMM89 posted on Oct 19th 2009 ...

Please when u need a new member tell me something :) my email is devil_soldier_15@hotmail.com. I've made 16.500 raked hands in 3 weeks :)

lilmjk posted on Sep 24th 2009 ...

Huhu, bin neu will nen team und euch verstehe ich wenigstens :) darf ich bei euch mitspielen? :)

iKnock0utU posted on Jul 31st 2009 ...

u can join my team if ur interrested

sorieno posted on Jul 29th 2009 ...

Hi :) I'm looking for a active team.
Joining the first that wants me.

Pokerinho23 posted on Apr 28th 2009 ...

Nicht ernst nehmen, bitte loool

Aber woher kommt ihr Langeweiler denn???
Wünsch GL ´n c u at the tables....

mothersquatch posted on Apr 21st 2009 ...

Well jumpoffjoe, we're having quite the battle over first!!! But you seem to be doing it all by yorself....

If you're interested for May coming over to The"EH" Team, I think we'd be a lock for first every month!!!!

I'd luv another "All Star" to to join Layanna at the top of our team!!!

So if you're interested drop me a line at
mothersquatchs.eh.team@gmail.com and we'll get you in!

shomodir posted on Apr 3rd 2009 ...


rajasingh86 posted on Mar 22nd 2009 ...

ihr könnt mir ja ne email mit password schreiben... murder_nc@hotmail.com

rajasingh86 posted on Mar 22nd 2009 ...

wollte fragen ob ich hier auch im team joinen kann.. hab vor kurzem angefangen zu spielen aber wie ihr ja kennt wenn man einmal anfängt will man nicht aufhören.. zocke nun täglich hier.. Also gibt dann mal bescheid

BMR102392012 posted on Feb 8th 2009 ...

bin derzeit im team french connection mit jeder menge raked hands und wollte anfragen ob ihr mich aufnehmt?! wenn ja einfach pw posten im team french connection ;)
Displaying #1-20 of 20 total comments

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101021 Uwe052

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