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You can't join to this team. Don't waste your time.

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7h 7s 7c 7d 5h
Four of a Kind, Sevens

5c 5h 5s 5d 2h
Four of a Kind, Fives

Kc Kh Kd 5d 5h
Full House, Kings over Fives

Qc Qs Qd Kh Ks
Full House, Queens over Kings

7d 7s 7h 3c 3d
Full House, Sevens over Threes

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Abdee99 posted on Nov 30th 2015 ...


joebottrop007 posted on Nov 28th 2015 ...

iam really interested to know why u want a 2MAN Privat Team ...the only reason can be: u want to hit the royal flush alone..everything else is brainless..as member of another team i know how often the fantasy freerolls dont start, because 5 teams dont bring enough players to start the freeroll...but however with the lower pricepool. others like me will stiop to take part of this promo

ZloiIce posted on Apr 17th 2012 ...

Lol ,thanks. I playing here just for weekend freerolls; and when I get bigger BR I leave from this site, so you have many chances to make it 1st...

mothersquatch posted on Apr 13th 2012 ...

Well congrats Zloilce!!! the next update & you've got it!

Taker & run for that Millionth RH!!!

I'm too old to do it anymore! ;op
I'm just hobblin' along only a couple of tables @ a time now...eyes just can't follow all them tables, even with my new 27" monitor (never did get a second monitor set-up, just went bigger)...

Anyway I ramble on...a BIG CONGRATS again!
TC, GL & see ya on the tables!

ZloiIce posted on Apr 4th 2012 ...

sit'n'go - around 4-5 hours in a day.

zoltan84 posted on Apr 2nd 2012 ...


90 K hands in one month with 2 members. WTF!? :)

What do you play guys? :)

spoon2009 posted on Feb 26th 2012 ...

Hey i play over 1k raked hands in a day can i join your team

ZloiIce posted on Feb 21st 2012 ...

Sorry to all, you can't join to this team.

jibbinghippo posted on Feb 20th 2012 ...

Can i join?

alesulll123 posted on Feb 3rd 2012 ...

Hi, I`m member of team TheOwner.I play cash and make 400 or more RH per day.Let me know if I can join because I play alone on my team now:(

fish05 posted on Jan 31st 2012 ...

come join team machz....extrim...well be in the top ten next month

ZloiIce posted on Jan 31st 2012 ...

nohow. It's a private team.

extrim posted on Jan 30th 2012 ...

How do I become a member of the team?

extrim posted on Jan 30th 2012 ...

??? ??? ????? ?????? ????????

mothersquatch posted on Nov 2nd 2011 ...

Well it looks like another month screwed up! The RH's for the 31st are still missing & the team comp has been listed as completed?!
I posted a suggestion here (http://www.pokerinside.com/forums/announcements-1/poker-nibs-raked-hands-information-4274277.html/page:last#bottom), if you support it, post it!

ZloiIce posted on Aug 14th 2011 ...

thanks for invite. For now I don't interest in any moves, but if something changes in challenge (for example PI rework it) I'll let you know.

mothersquatch posted on Aug 9th 2011 ...

btw, The "EH" Team could make space for you if you are interested in joining us...

mothersquatch posted on Aug 9th 2011 ...

I had a thought on how to change the team competition that your team might like, take a look at my idea & leave a comment..

ToniCash76 posted on Jul 11th 2011 ...

Hi all, i can you give better than 40% rakeback, write me an email: franco.c1976@yahoo.de

Filocarp0 posted on Jun 12th 2011 ...

Hello! I found an easy and convenient way to get a bonus.

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Also, if you join from my link I also pay me for every email you send to you (you will also charge when you point your acquaintances and friends). Take a look, you have nothing to lose:


_LoyLT_ posted on May 25th 2011 ...

hey im interested in your team, can i join?
email me at fimbuzzin@gmail.com if u accepting members, thanks

iceFRR posted on May 25th 2011 ...

Hi Guys!
Can i join to your team?

I'am playing about 5k rake hand at month at Nl2. Next month will play nl10 - raked hands will be more then 5k

ZloiIce posted on Apr 24th 2011 ...

looking good, but I can't play this league, coz I will be busy this June (wedding, honeymoon etc...)

Callmynuts posted on Apr 23rd 2011 ...

hey guys,
anybody play this wsop league?


ketlin posted on Apr 21st 2011 ...

The best rakeback site on the internet:

Over $300k In Exclusive Monthly Player Promotions

And you get a part of your friends rake. :)

Sorry for a little spam. :)
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