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***IMPORTANT*** From the October if you fail to gain any raked hands in the month you will be booted out of the team. If by the 14/15th of a month you haven't gained any raked hands an offical warning will be posted on the team wall post & if I have your e-mail address I will also send you an e-mail as well. If by the 22nd/23rd of a month you still haven't gained any raked hands a yellow card will be issued on the team wallpost. If by the 30th/31st you still haven't gained any raked hands for the month a red card is issued and you will be booted out of the team. If you have a good reason not to play for a month let me know on wallpost & you will not be booted from the team.

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Top 5 Fantasy Hands

6d 6h 6c 2h 2d
Full House, Sixs over Twos

Ad Td 7d 5d 4d
Flush, Ace High

Qd Js Td 9c 8h
Queen High Straight

8c 7s 6h 5d 4h
Eight High Straight

8s 7d 6s 5s 4d
Eight High Straight

Team Comment Wall

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Vcbest posted on Jan 25th 2013 ...

add me pleaze

phuongvu0201 posted on Jan 31st 2011 ...

Can I join team?

wontbluff67 posted on Jan 13th 2011 ...

looking to join a team was team chatran but left as i closed pi account last year was playing about 1000+ raked hands per month my email is pookiesdadi@gmail.com

Gluv22 posted on Oct 11th 2010 ...

English in Taiwan. I'd like to join your team. I'm playing A bit on Bestpoker At the moment and would like to see my raked hands contribute towards something. If I go Inactive just boot me off

tramar75 posted on Aug 8th 2010 ...

just won the copper freeroll thats another $60 free happy days ;-)

spoon2009 posted on Jul 7th 2010 ...


tramar75 posted on Jun 26th 2010 ...

just won the saturday night freeroll $189 come on you beauty

hm3111 posted on May 30th 2010 ...

can i join, i do at lest 500 rake hands a day

infested27 posted on Apr 9th 2010 ...

hey everyone i am a sng grinder, can i join the team?

DemonPFRW posted on Mar 4th 2010 ...

Hey Luck7s15, currently, i am in UK Poker Nuts, but noone seems active there.
Looking for an active team to join. What are your requirements to join? Thanks, D.

Mark_TheDuck posted on Feb 28th 2010 ...

Hey I'm British email me if your looking for another decent player...


xsimonex111 posted on Feb 11th 2010 ...

hi are you still looking for players?

luck7s15 posted on Dec 23rd 2009 ...

Played my last session for the year, have a merry xmas and a happy new year. See you on the tables in 2010

valerie posted on Oct 16th 2009 ...

let me join your team...

I have 90,000 nibs and not currently a team member.

From Sussex

mickyboyd posted on Sep 21st 2009 ...

Hi there id like you to consider me joining your team im new to this site but play alot if joined up about a few days ago and i am ranging about 500-600 raked hands per day of play

wontbluff67 posted on Sep 8th 2009 ...

joining another team peeps my raked hands have gotta start counting for something a.s.a.p cya later gl at the tables

wontbluff67 posted on Sep 6th 2009 ...

looking to get on this team i have about 4thousand raked hands since ive joined in july this year regular player 8 hours a day most days been on team vietnam joined by mistake when i first came on im manchester born england looking for decent team they 4/5 have players not played a hand in over a year hope to hear from you soon

POKERFACE1985 posted on Aug 5th 2009 ...

Hi there... I would like to join the team... I am from holland but im feeling good to be in a english team... i will try to play as man raked hands i can... if its not good enaugh i hope to hear from you! See ya


onbekende posted on Jul 23rd 2009 ...

Hi there,

If possible Iwould like to join this team.
I play ca. 3 hrs a day. I was in another team for 3 days, but I was the only one making raked hands. 600 in 2 days.
Hope te hear from you.

bogdandejavu posted on Jun 17th 2009 ...

muguras wanna come into team lapus ? ....

muguras posted on Jun 8th 2009 ...

hey guys i;ve seen what the first team does to make raked hands , all you hve to do in register in the small entry sit and go and make raked hands , you can stay sittout , this way we will be able to get in the fantasy poker challenge freerrolls , get back with a confirmation

muguras posted on Jun 7th 2009 ...

man this is filthy , a k suitted , hearts all in 10 k in the bronze pi tournament , called by a q offsuit , a 6 6 2 q :| , like why play poker ?

rofaga posted on May 27th 2009 ...

I´m new here...
what i have to do to win the prize?

prangers posted on May 18th 2009 ...

hi can i join team plz

muguras posted on May 17th 2009 ...

hello guys i'm from romania , i hope you'll let me play in your team and bring something into the game , good luck and hve fun at the tables , let's make those raked hands
Displaying #1-25 of 324 total comments  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  Next Last

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