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Looking for players to join and grow the success of the team.

All players welcome!!

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7d 7s 7c 7h 2d
Four of a Kind, Sevens

As Ad Ah Qs Qd
Full House, Aces over Queens

7c 7d 7h 9s 9c
Full House, Sevens over Nines

7h 7s 7c 6c 6d
Full House, Sevens over Sixs

6d 6h 6c 4c 4h
Full House, Sixs over Fours

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Dingus posted on Sep 13th 2015 ...

Put some money back on due to the increase in Omaha tables. Will be contributing some regular hands for the next little while.

SAbrahams posted on Aug 11th 2015 ...

Hallo, i have a problem ...
ileave this team after the last period and get no token.
support wrote this:


Please have the owners send me an emailing saying you were on the team and earned the token. As if you left the team before tokens were issued we have no way of getting you the token. So please have him email and I will get it sorted.


the mail: support@pokerinside.com

please wrote them, thank you

Josh1313 posted on Aug 1st 2015 ...

I play randomly.

We finished top ten this month though!

Dingus posted on Jul 31st 2015 ...

Not me. I'm on Stars full time.

SAbrahams posted on Jul 30th 2015 ...

Who is active player?

Dingus posted on Apr 24th 2015 ...

Back in action on Betmost for the time being.

Dingus posted on Mar 12th 2015 ...

March 15 at 2pm it appears

Josh1313 posted on Mar 12th 2015 ...

Anyone know what day the team freeroll is?

Josh1313 posted on Mar 2nd 2015 ...

Held on and finished 4th. Top team freeroll this month. Good job everyone who raked 50 hands!!

Dingus posted on Feb 5th 2015 ...

Just made a flush, that will help.

Josh1313 posted on Feb 4th 2015 ...

Off to a good start for the month of Feb. Currently top 10

Dingus posted on Jan 21st 2015 ...

The run ended on Stars, so I've put a few bucks back on betmost. Should be contributing a few hands to the cause as of tonight.

Dingus posted on Nov 23rd 2014 ...

Hopefully whomever is still active is having success. Pokerstars is just to easy. I doubt I will be back. Cheers!

Josh1313 posted on Nov 2nd 2014 ...

Finished 8th last month.

Nice job.

Hopefully can use the tournament to build the roll!!

Keep an eye out for the tournament so we can let everyone know when it is taking place.

Josh1313 posted on Oct 29th 2014 ...

we should hold onto a top ten spot no problem.

I will be low volume hit or miss for the next stretch myself

Dingus posted on Oct 27th 2014 ...

Moved my roll back to stars to grind through the Zoom Omaha. So far its been a good decision. Still have a few bucks left for micro Omaha, but it will be low volume.

Josh1313 posted on Oct 16th 2014 ...

I am hit or miss daily but trying to contribute as much as possible.

Going to be tough to stay top 10 without some extra help from the team.

Dingus posted on Oct 15th 2014 ...

Be interesting to see how we do this month just to two of us. I'm putting in around 700 - 1000 hands per day right now.

Dingus posted on Oct 10th 2014 ...

My volume should start coming back a bit.

Josh1313 posted on Oct 9th 2014 ...

Solid start to October. Currently in 10th. Lets see if we can hang on and stay in the top 10 and get that freeroll.

Dingus posted on Sep 23rd 2014 ...

Would be nice if I could have a decent win, instead of running under equity all the time. You'd think I'd be use to the swings in PLO by now lol.

Josh1313 posted on Sep 13th 2014 ...

Welcome back.

Maybe we can make a push to get back into the top 10 this month.

Dingus posted on Sep 11th 2014 ...

Well that hiatus didn't last long. I'm back lol.

Josh1313 posted on Sep 1st 2014 ...

Still Pending, but it looks like we held onto to 10th.

Good job everyone. Hopefully one of us will win the team freeroll!!

Best of luck at the tables.

Dingus posted on Aug 20th 2014 ...

Hate to bail on the team, but I think my tenure at Ipoker is coming to a close for now. The low stakes Omaha games are filled with too many regs grinding rakeback and there is just no fun in them right now. If I can rebuild my roll I might come back to play some $100 or $200 tables, but for now it looks as though I'm done. Best of luck.
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