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ns demandon 1000 r-h par semaine.we ask for1000 r-h each week.

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Qs Qh Qc Kc Ks
Full House, Queens over Kings

Qd Qc Qh 4c 4h
Full House, Queens over Fours

Qc Qh Qd 4h 4c
Full House, Queens over Fours

Jd Js Jc 9s 9d
Full House, Jacks over Nines

9h 9s 9d 4d 4h
Full House, Nines over Fours

Team Comment Wall

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kingmoe187 posted on Aug 23rd 2014 ...

Hi all can i join your team ? i play a lot of hand , i play 4-7 hours each day , thanks

WildR86 posted on Mar 28th 2014 ...


i play NL50 sh, 4 tables. i hope, i can help ;)

Good Luck

pifcoke posted on Oct 10th 2011 ...

hi pawe welcome and good luck at the tables.

pawelmad9 posted on Oct 4th 2011 ...

Hi Iam new at the team good luck everybody at the tables

BluffPuff posted on Sep 15th 2011 ...

hey guys im a previous member of your team and im givin out a sponsorship to play poker email me at dylan_garrod@hotmail.ca

jessicaaaa posted on Aug 31st 2011 ...

hi, nice to be on the team, I will do my best to support you guys. Hope to see you at the tables. :)

tlh666 posted on Aug 30th 2011 ...

kick off Germafrodit !!! he's looking for a free token !!!!!!!

koppie8 posted on Aug 19th 2011 ...

i think u shud have a look at dacent84 he has'nt really pulled his weight in our team we need players to make a good team like look at the r/h some got ina few month's.dats just my view but maybe something to look at because our team is coming on well we need active players

mothersquatch posted on Aug 9th 2011 ...

I had a thought on how to change the team competition that your team might like, take a look at my idea & leave a comment..

pifcoke posted on Jul 13th 2011 ...

salut a tous, super til666

ToniCash76 posted on Jul 11th 2011 ...

Hi all, i can you give better than 40% rakeback, write me an email: franco.c1976@yahoo.de

tlh666 posted on Jul 11th 2011 ...

yee !!! haaa!!! one first in the $350 fantisey freeroll today $175.00 not to bad . good luck on the tables......

Filocarp0 posted on Jun 12th 2011 ...

Hello! I found an easy and convenient way to get a bonus.

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Also, if you join from my link I also pay me for every email you send to you (you will also charge when you point your acquaintances and friends). Take a look, you have nothing to lose:


pifcoke posted on Jun 1st 2011 ...

le tournoi est le 12 juin.

pifcoke posted on Jun 1st 2011 ...

super le team,vs avez un token pour dimanche je crois .bonne chance. p.s.jusqua la table final amis amis lol.

NinjaZ666 posted on Apr 23rd 2011 ...

Come and join, we need 30 player, there is a wsop for free + the normal payouts, where u get a better chance?

pifcoke posted on Apr 21st 2011 ...

hi poglavica.a good comment from your part.i m open to your suggestion,this said the 3 first players i cannot remove they started the team with me.but i will moniter the rest of the team.good luck at the tables

ketlin posted on Apr 21st 2011 ...

The best rakeback site on the internet:

Over $300k In Exclusive Monthly Player Promotions

And you get a part of your friends rake. :)

Sorry for a little spam. :)

poglavica posted on Apr 20th 2011 ...

Hi teammates we should remove inactive players and always have one open slot for players who can give us more raked hands.We are always on an edge for fantasy,I think this change would be good for a team.Good luck guys and pifcoke tell us what you think about this.

Mengele posted on Apr 5th 2011 ...

When u get kicked out,u are welcome to the new Marijuana Mobsters Team... :))))

dasen_split posted on Mar 22nd 2011 ...

ej poglavica,zasto nedodes u eh ekipu,ovdi ocito se ne drze ovoga iljadu rejka po sedmici,nama taman fali jedan...tvoje sposobnosti bi bile cijenjene :)

pifcoke posted on Feb 27th 2011 ...

nice work to all

pifcoke posted on Feb 27th 2011 ...

nice work poqlavica good luck at the tables

poglavica posted on Feb 10th 2011 ...

Hi.I am ready to fulfill your request about raked hands.

koppie8 posted on Feb 6th 2011 ...

i used to play alot il b playing alot now and will do well with your team give me a chance and ul see
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