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Come play with the KING and let's win some cash. if you don't play a minimum of 200 Raked Hands per week, you might get kicked off!

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Kh Ks Kc 6c 6d
Full House, Kings over Sixs

Ac Kc Jc Tc 7c
Flush, Ace High

Ac Kc 9c 8c 5c
Flush, Ace High

Ac Kc 8c 7c 2c
Flush, Ace High

Ac Qc Tc 6c 4c
Flush, Ace High

Team Comment Wall

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josh122 posted on Mar 4th 2010 ...

join jackpot or no jackpot its a new team

ccc275 posted on Jan 6th 2010 ...


You guys still active? Can I join(if you are)?


imbuzzin posted on Oct 1st 2009 ...


Facey_666 posted on Aug 14th 2009 ...

I play a fare bit online... can someone tell me the way to get big points quick

Facey_666 posted on Aug 14th 2009 ...

Hi all Thanx 4 letting me in

zoltan84 posted on Jul 4th 2009 ...


Can I join the team?
I play 3-4 hours/day on 6-8 tables.
But I just started to play on Betmost.

e-mail: szorenyi.zoltan@freemail.hu

Varszegi posted on May 10th 2009 ...

I'd like to join this team.
I play a lot of rake hand, so this could be helpful. (30 hour a week)
May I get the password?
My e-mail: vtomi18@freemail.hu

Best regards,

Tamas Varszegi

Hinge1980 posted on Dec 6th 2008 ...

xxpkoxx king isnt gonna kick anyone out...
he never does join roadrunners...
we have 1 spot left...

xxpkoxx posted on Dec 4th 2008 ...

Hey King.. wanna join your team, i play ca 2000 rh every week, but you need to kick one out first

Hinge1980 posted on Nov 8th 2008 ...


Been some times since i last were here..

This had been a great team when you joined but because of the fact that King never wrote in the wall and because he didnt kick cnpclaudio of the team because he only plays the required 50 raked hands per challenge in order to get the prize the backbone of this team left and made the new team called 1965...

That team then also became a top team but then thay made all the changes with the team challenge and stopped playing on betmost and here and left the team...

So now that the challenge seemed to be okay again they started palying again and we were then kind of forced to make a new team this time its called Roadrunners...

Come take a look at our team if you want to be in a serius team we have some free spots on it....

MichFran posted on Sep 27th 2008 ...

King, are you not playing anymore?

Did you guys notice how close we were on getting a straight flush? Damn :)

MichFran posted on Aug 31st 2008 ...


I'm new here, and hope I can contribute to keep this team one of the top teams, that it looks like being :)

LouMj1 posted on Aug 21st 2008 ...

just joined the team today im going away for 2 days but i'll be playing $1000 raked hands a week

stelu27 posted on Aug 6th 2008 ...

King come on create a strong team with 1000 or 2000 TH per week !

fish05 posted on Jul 31st 2008 ...

stelu your welcome too..join or team going for the top..........team name ...machz

fish05 posted on Jul 31st 2008 ...

hi r 2d 2 would like you to join my team...machz.....next week going for first place........$$$$$$$$$$$

FullFlushx posted on Jul 19th 2008 ...

Finished 2nd with the token won from last week. Won 90$. Will use it to play more raked hands this weekend.

R_2D_2 posted on Jul 16th 2008 ...

hi i just joined got some hands every day but somedays im off with my girl.....

paronalol posted on Jul 15th 2008 ...

I want join in this team :) I have 200-500 raked hands every day :)

newfiegambler posted on Jul 13th 2008 ...

im looking for a team to join, im good for 500 raked hands a week

FullFlushx posted on Jul 11th 2008 ...

My raked hands are not showing. Having issue with the link between Betmost and my PI account. They (PI) said it should be fixed shortly. In the meantime I'll continue to play.

Hinge1980 posted on Jul 2nd 2008 ...

Kommer du ikke over spyfus ???

Hinge1980 posted on Jul 2nd 2008 ...

ligger nr. 29 p.t med 17 point...
Men vi skal nok faa det gjordt bedre....

iwanThou posted on Jul 2nd 2008 ...

1965, spyfus

spyfus posted on Jul 2nd 2008 ...

Whai is the name of misterno1's team?
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