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tip of the iceberg,,,

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Ah Ac Ad As 2d
Four of a Kind, Aces

Ad Qd Td 9d 2d
Flush, Ace High

Kd Td 8d 4d 3d
Flush, King High

Kh 9h 7h 6h 3h
Flush, King High

Ks 8s 7s 3s 2s
Flush, King High

Team Comment Wall

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ToniCash76 posted on Jul 11th 2011 ...

Hi all, i can you give better than 40% rakeback, write me an email: franco.c1976@yahoo.de

joebottrop007 posted on Dec 11th 2010 ...

i close my team after we make place 11 last month, i play much and wanna play the team freeroll , not as my team partners. plz let me join joebottrop007 my email adrees is joebottrop007@hotmail.de

katexl posted on Dec 5th 2010 ...

Hi, I would like to join this team, I play 1000 hands per week. My e-mail is arabinozaetgmail.com Thank you

drsiggi posted on Nov 1st 2010 ...

yes we did, prizes have been awarded already:)

bogdandejavu posted on Oct 31st 2010 ...

boys you take some $$ from that AAAA ? ? ?

drsiggi posted on Oct 20th 2010 ...

hey alikutzu did you already contact the support about the 500$?

kamiru posted on Oct 20th 2010 ...

congratulations guyz! really nice

BleehS2 posted on Oct 19th 2010 ...

so unfair really..

steel69 posted on Oct 17th 2010 ...

very nice with only 4 members!!! Congrats its been a year and a half since someone won something from this site!!! maybe even longer!!

cplbear posted on Oct 16th 2010 ...

way to go guys congrats

bogdandejavu posted on Oct 16th 2010 ...

wow , nh cards boys :) ! 500 $ waiting you now :)
congrats !

fish05 posted on Oct 6th 2010 ...

hey drsiggi come join me...team name mach z ...try to make a good team and go for the top 10....

drsiggi posted on Sep 14th 2010 ...

hey, i just saw your password at the german fantasy team and so i joined your team now... as you can see im member since 20july 2010 at pokerinside and already got over 5000 nibs... so you can be sure i play pretty often and i think i can help your team, what do you think!?

zoltan84 posted on May 31st 2010 ...

Hi Alikutzu!

I see you are a good player who deserves more.
You collect many raked hands every month, but your team can't reach the top 10, because you don't have enough members.

I'm the captain of the Hungarian Power team. We are always in the top 10 since I established the team.

I invite you in my team. I would like to create a strong team.
Please answer me if you are interested.

p.s. the team name is Hungarian Power, but don't worry, it's international. :)

Aeroforce posted on May 28th 2010 ...

Hi alikutzu,
The team king's german legion disbands itself and two members of us and another third ex-member would like to join your team in the next month of june if you like. Guess together we can increase our chances to establish us in the top 10 for the following challenges. if you are interested give us a note here, at our teampage or write me under

fabiosnarf posted on Mar 8th 2010 ...

if u are looking for a member... i'm an active player here looking for a team...
the team that I'm now isn't playing, just me...

josh122 posted on Mar 4th 2010 ...

join jackpot or no jackpot

bogdandejavu posted on Feb 4th 2010 ...

o chestie stalagmita ! ne ai dat afara ! ...deci nu mai putem intra inapoi in echipa ta ! ....daca vrei intra in echipa bucuresti ! .....vorbest cu sefu sa ti dea invitatie ! . . . sunt inca 2 locuri .......!

misterno1 posted on Jan 24th 2010 ...

ali, what do you think about calling few people to join us? we should drop doicromo also

misterno1 posted on Dec 25th 2009 ...

my email is joeserbia@gmail.com

misterno1 posted on Dec 25th 2009 ...

hi, i can make 5000-8000rh per month. can i join this team?

bogdandejavu posted on Dec 23rd 2009 ...

alikutzu ce zici sa unim echipele .... ! astept raspuns , lsa un comment la echipa Bucuresti

Sarbatori fericite tuturor ! Happy Cristhmas !

josh122 posted on Nov 25th 2009 ...

dont let asdasdada join ur team he just wants ticket and then leave

asdasdada posted on Nov 22nd 2009 ...

hey, just wondering are there any inactive members here u can kick? I would like to jion your team. I play about 1000 rh per week and I can garentee at least 700 rh/week you can email me at shu1522@hotmail.com

Callmynuts posted on Nov 14th 2009 ...

hi I want to join your Team

I play Daily ca 500-1000hands

I fyou hve interesse Send me eMail:

callmynuts (AT) googlemail.com
Displaying #1-25 of 73 total comments  1 2 3  Next Last

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