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This is the ultimate team for allrounder who plays often and clever! if you want to join just ask me for password!! We are looking for players who makes 250+ RH a day!!
It would be great to have all my active PI buddys in this team!!
Together we will reach the top of the LB!
Additional I will create again some privat events, tournaments and leagues for Team Gamblers 3000 members and some wildcards!
The gambler who generates most RH till the end of 2008 will get a Team Gamblers 3000 T-Shirt for free!
Good luck buddies.........

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9h 9s 9d 6s 6d
Full House, Nines over Sixs

6d 6c 6s 4s 4c
Full House, Sixs over Fours

Ah Kh Qh Js Td
Ace High Straight

Qd Jh Tc 9c 8d
Queen High Straight

Qc Jh Tc 9h 8c
Queen High Straight

Team Comment Wall

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ToniCash76 posted on Jul 11th 2011 ...

Hi all, i can you give better than 40% rakeback, write me an email: franco.c1976@yahoo.de

tampit posted on Jan 9th 2011 ...

hello! I play arround 4000 RH / month. It's ok?
ID messenger: sorinparaschiv_atu@yahoo.com

NaZzZzZz posted on Apr 21st 2010 ...

can i join your team?

NinjaZ666 posted on Dec 5th 2009 ...

nice fantasy cards xD

OMGayeSUCK posted on Dec 5th 2009 ...

hi m8 is there any spaces on your team if so giv me a shout just joined like 3 4 days ago and am averaging 300 hands a day so will probs do more like 2000 a week giv me a shout if soo cheers

heinZH posted on Dec 2nd 2009 ...

hmm I hope I wasn't too late..
otherwise you have now my email so if another spot get available let me know..

mickyboyd posted on Dec 2nd 2009 ...

heinZH there is now a space on our team if you would still like to join send another message on our board and the captain will sendyou the pass via email

mickyboyd posted on Nov 26th 2009 ...

hey if u can make 1000 a week comejoin hard to beat the best......we only been going 3 months bt havnt failed to get into the top 5 since we started the team and we have got better every month...same goes for anyone on this team that wants to play for an active team just give a post on our wall saying hw many you can rake and if we think tht you can do the amount u say we will kick some of our inactive players

heinZH posted on Nov 1st 2009 ...

hy barra!
our team is kind of down..
I actually don't know how is still playing.. but I think we could need your help or we could even build a new team one day..
btw: how much do you play about?


barra123 posted on Oct 31st 2009 ...

hi i would like to join the team , please let me know if thats is possible .


pokergotrene posted on Aug 20th 2009 ...


_LoyLT_ posted on Jul 30th 2009 ...

hey if most are active, im willing to join the team

i got a nice bankroll and i play poker for a living

let me know at


adriano83 posted on Jul 7th 2009 ...

im interested in joining ur team. i play about 4-5 hours daily ... plz contact me. email: equalrulez@gmx.net

c ya

kamiru posted on May 20th 2009 ...

Hi! can I join this team? I play a lot too

Varszegi posted on May 3rd 2009 ...

Hi! I'd like to join this team.
I play a lot, so this could be helpful.
May I get the password?
My e-mail: vtomi18@freemail.hu

Best regards,

Tamas Varszegi

orionthief posted on Mar 1st 2009 ...

Hi swissgambler if you still want mr in your team i am ready to join

fritzson posted on Mar 1st 2009 ...

I am leaving this team too...

because I am not going to play seriously on BetMost. It is better to make room for others... if swiss comes back.

I am not contributing with any hands... I am more of a tourney player than ring games. That however doesn't make any difference in my problems this last half year.

Good luck to you other who are still in the team.

Take care... it was fun when everything was working. I don't know what has happen. Well... to big of a down swing. Grr..

See you around!

We were a good team when we were working!

pekachu posted on Mar 1st 2009 ...

Time to say good bye for me too.

Sorry to hear that you will stop playing on Betmost fritzson.

17musse: I'm sure we will meet again very soon.;

17musse posted on Mar 1st 2009 ...

Well it is time to go - hope to meet you again sometimes.

fritzson posted on Feb 28th 2009 ...

Hi guys!

I think you, who are playing poker seriously on BetMost or Fatbet should join teams were there are an activity in your level.

As it is now, Pekachu, Musse and Layanna.. you are working for the whole team. It is not fair...

I will stop playing on BetMost, well, I have more or less done it already. I can understand why it should be so hard to play there. Ok, I do my mistakes too, but either I am rivered bad some someone has just a little better hand. I am sooo tired of it!

I am not much of a help to you guys! I admit that...!

I wish you all best of luck, but I thinking about leaving the team because of my bad relationship with BetMost.

mothersquatch posted on Feb 28th 2009 ...

Hi folks, I sent out the emails & if Layanna would like to come (or any other active player) we have 2 more spots left open, you can email me at the team's account (use the subject line password)

Good luck all & swiss if you come back and get into things...give me a shout, you got my direct email account

17musse posted on Feb 28th 2009 ...

OK - I will try to send him a mail

pekachu posted on Feb 27th 2009 ...

Yes i have.
They have even their own topic in the forum:

17musse posted on Feb 27th 2009 ...

yes I can see that - but have yoy been talking to their captain ?

pekachu posted on Feb 27th 2009 ...

There are still open spots left. ;)
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