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8h 8c 8d 8s Jh
Four of a Kind, Eights

2c 2h 2s 2d As
Four of a Kind, Twos

Kh Kd Ks 6s 6h
Full House, Kings over Sixs

Jd Jc Js 8h 8c
Full House, Jacks over Eights

Ac Qc Tc 4c 3c
Flush, Ace High

Team Comment Wall

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Insane_Sweetness posted on Dec 23rd 2013 ...

are you all still active? dont see any recent posts here

Insane_Sweetness posted on Dec 23rd 2013 ...

Can i play any tables to gain raked hand count for the team? Have been in the community for a while and mostly play during winter months. 20-30 nibs daily when im playing

Insane_Sweetness posted on Dec 23rd 2013 ...

hI All..
From Ontario here. just looking for a team to join and found this one

zabirabi posted on Sep 23rd 2012 ...

join in

Hanagis posted on Sep 13th 2012 ...

hey i am an avid poker player. i play over * hrs a day. i just found this site and am interested in becoming a part of this team. if u could email me back some details of your club and if you would be interested in giving me a chance i would really apreciate this.
my adress is hanagan.ch@gmail.com.
Thanks for your time and i am looking forward to hearing from yah .

zabirabi posted on Dec 21st 2011 ...

ok i stayy her and play 500 per week,but i can play @ januar

CashinKKing posted on Dec 18th 2011 ...

Over the next week I will be revamping the team if you wish to remain on the team please repost that you wish to stay or if you are raking hands you will automatically remain. We are a strong team ranking Number 6 in the overall team ranking.
Anyone who is a high ranking player and wishes to join our team I welcome you to do so.
Team Manager CashKKing

CashinKKing posted on Oct 10th 2011 ...

picked up $72 bones taking 2nd in the PI ruby.
Love these free rolls
GL at the tables all

zabirabi posted on Oct 2nd 2011 ...

iam in hliday i come n 15okt. than i play

CashinKKing posted on Oct 1st 2011 ...

summers over so im back to play again.
GL to All, also there are 2 open slots for anyone wanting to join the team

BluffPuff posted on Sep 15th 2011 ...

hey guys im a previous member of your team and im givin out a sponsorship to play poker email me ay dylan_garrod@hotmail.ca

Bafe20 posted on Aug 4th 2011 ...

Hey guys, I need a new team i recently started playing poker alot again and had left the team i was on way back. I play at least 20-30 hours weekly and would love to join you guys.

ToniCash76 posted on Jul 11th 2011 ...

Hi all, i can you give better than 40% rakeback, write me an email: franco.c1976@yahoo.de

Filocarp0 posted on Jun 12th 2011 ...

Hello! I found an easy and convenient way to get a bonus.

This is a company (Cybernet Solutions, SL) that sends you advertising and we will pay part of the money they charge them to the advertiser. Also charged are serious and well, in fact are more than 10 years doing it, and are the first company to get the seal of Trust Online, a hallmark of quality reference and best practices online.

Also, if you join from my link I also pay me for every email you send to you (you will also charge when you point your acquaintances and friends). Take a look, you have nothing to lose:


_LoyLT_ posted on May 26th 2011 ...

hey this team got an opening? I'd like to join

zabirabi posted on May 25th 2011 ...

waht for mebers are aktive??

zabirabi posted on May 19th 2011 ...

my skype name is penidration(sturmf├╝hrer)

zabirabi posted on May 19th 2011 ...

thx for the slot 500 per week no problem

xGandalfx posted on Nov 14th 2010 ...

Sorry, my mistake, it was a flush!

Good news anyway

xGandalfx posted on Nov 14th 2010 ...

Nice hit on the four of a kind 2's!!
Let's keep it going.

GL everyone!

velikizlivuk posted on Oct 13th 2010 ...

we have open spot if someone wants to join MobileTeam

plotbob posted on Sep 27th 2010 ...

Hey cash and team.I have given up on betmost and pi.I cant stand playing betmost anymore.No support.No decent mtt schedule unless you love rebuys.Very ignorant players for the most part.I think betmost is history anyway.I cleaned out my account,and betmost contacted me and said they would take care of my withdrawall but they stalled.Next thing i know,williamhill contacted me and sent my money to moneybookers as i requested from betmost.So it makes you wonder.
I m so sick and tired of pi's bullshit too.They screw up my payback money,and admit to it and say i will be paid in 24 to 48 hrs. Well it took 3 to 4 weeks of fighting with the immature assholes to finally prove them wrong.They run things like a second rate mickey mouse business at best.Lifes too short to keep complaining to a bunch of misfits like this.My one email was answered like this..:..i received your inquiry but cant do much now because im in Florida on holiday.Take screen shots and send them.: I mean "lol"are you fkn kidding me.These people are trying to run this.Nibs went missing...no response..prizes like t.shirts..never fkn seen them..I could go on and on but thats enough and ive had enough.You notice pi is trying to team up with other sites too,so i think their time is also up.GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL.

xGandalfx posted on Sep 27th 2010 ...

Hi Cash,
No, me neither.
I had some from previous weeks, which allowed me to play


CashinKKing posted on Sep 26th 2010 ...

never received my sunday free roll tickits this week Bronze Ruby,Copper ect.......
anyone else ?

BluffPuff posted on Sep 16th 2010 ...

aw i cant rejoin u guys :( tuff luck guys remember i won our team freeroll :(
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