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9s 9h 9d 9c 6s
Four of a Kind, Nines

7h 7c 7d 6h 6c
Full House, Sevens over Sixs

Qd Td 9d 4d 2d
Flush, Queen High

Qd Jh Td 9h 8h
Queen High Straight

8c 7d 6h 5s 4c
Eight High Straight

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Filocarp0 posted on Jun 12th 2011 ...

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alesulll123 posted on Dec 13th 2010 ...


If someone can do 3000/4000 rakend hands per week I will wait him in my new team(BeTheBestPlayer)

I hope I can find good players!!!

tlh666 posted on Nov 12th 2009 ...

hey guys im looking for a active team to join. i live on Vancover island. so if you open a spot up i'll join you. i play 7 days a week,at least 1000 raked hands per week,so let me know.you can email me at lthorn@shaw.ca

JRtheCrown posted on Nov 6th 2009 ...

hi all,im a poker player that recently joined,im from albania europe,i was searching for a team,and this 1 seemed the most adaptable for me.i dont know to much about team play and all but im hopin i can learn somethin from all of you,best of luck and kick ass

Stinger posted on Sep 13th 2009 ...

HI guys and gals, I am new to your team but not new to pokerinside. My last team has gone to sleep I think so I left.. I had 10k raked hands.. I am in the process of moving to Vancouver and that should be completed by Dec... welcome me aboard please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

studtraveller posted on Dec 6th 2008 ...

well done!!!

hiplytragic2 posted on Dec 1st 2008 ...

we're pretty good at coming 15th!
Another 350 freeroll....don't see it posted yet but probably Sat Dec 6th....look for it in the "all scheduled"....

studtraveller posted on Nov 13th 2008 ...

tyvm for welcoming me!
noticed i already passed 3 players wirhraked hands after joining only 4 days ago...

anyway i'll do my best to contribute to the team so we can get freerolls

hiplytragic2 posted on Nov 12th 2008 ...

Yes they do and welcome!

studtraveller posted on Nov 8th 2008 ...

hi guys!
wish i had found your team last month when i was playing lots before my newborn came along...
anyway i'll do my best to keep up with you guys...
do tourney buy-ins also count for points?


hiplytragic2 posted on Nov 7th 2008 ...

Good enough for 15th again!....Freeroll is on Sunday the 9th @ 11 am (I think)....check in the "all scheduled" for Poker Fantasy 3

frankycad posted on Oct 26th 2008 ...

There's a spot open in my team (french connection, we are currently in 4th place) for a serious player who can make more than 750 raked hand a week.
See you there !

LouMj1 posted on Oct 10th 2008 ...

yeah well its thanksgiving weekend and i figure after that i'll get back to my 500 rakes a day haha im from the okanagan here in bc btw

hiplytragic2 posted on Oct 10th 2008 ...

The bad beats come and they go....taking a break sometimes is the best thing to do...(and only thing...lol)

LouMj1 posted on Oct 8th 2008 ...

passed 4 players in my 2 days here in nibs....taking a break tho starting to take the bad beats

LouMj1 posted on Oct 6th 2008 ...

hey there i'll be playing 500 raked hands a day maybe more
good luck at the tables

hiplytragic2 posted on Oct 2nd 2008 ...

Hey team!
We came 15th in last months challenge so you should have a token for a freeroll in your betmost account....the tournament can be found in the "all scheduled" tab in betmost and it starts on Sunday Oct. 5th at 21:00 hours (1 pm pacific time).....I'm registered already....get on it and good luck!

cplbear posted on Sep 9th 2008 ...

sry al not going to be on much this week will pick up the pace on the weekend

badgirl45 posted on Aug 25th 2008 ...

weeeee awesome in the last challenge wtg all

hiplytragic2 posted on Aug 25th 2008 ...

Welcome aboard cplbear!

cplbear posted on Aug 23rd 2008 ...

by the way im from langley going to river rock to play the live tourney tommorrow morning

cplbear posted on Aug 23rd 2008 ...

hi thought i would join between chalenges to see how i do i play quite a bit but lower stakes so not sure about raked hands yet hope you give me a chance to see how much i can play for you

hiplytragic2 posted on Aug 13th 2008 ...

whoohooo....1st for a change...

frankycad posted on Jun 18th 2008 ...

Hi Kathie!
I am a member of the french connection team.We are looking for serious players to complete our team. Our member are mostly from the region of Montreal, but you will be welcome if you want to join us. Our team is now in 11th position and there is only two more open slots.

See you soon!

rusTnail posted on Jun 17th 2008 ...

hope you guys dont mind me joining your team ?
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