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smoke with the donkey

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Kc Ks Kh 5c 5h
Full House, Kings over Fives

Qd Qs Qh 6h 6d
Full House, Queens over Sixs

8h 8s 8d Qs Qc
Full House, Eights over Queens

8c 8s 8d 4h 4c
Full House, Eights over Fours

5c 5h 5d 7h 7c
Full House, Fives over Sevens

Team Comment Wall

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17musse posted on Feb 27th 2009 ...


I am looking for a new team.
Just now playing at team gamblers 3000
Make about 7000 RH a month

LUCKASS posted on Feb 26th 2009 ...

to join a team or receive a invitation you have to leave your actual team

BMR102392012 posted on Feb 23rd 2009 ...

i got no invitation... mmhm... email the pw. my adress is 3 posts down :)
i make 1000+ rh a day

LUCKASS posted on Feb 23rd 2009 ...

sure, everyone is free to join.
you will receive an invitation.
lazy grinders will be kicked out w/o announcement


BMR102392012 posted on Feb 23rd 2009 ...

can i join or not?

BMR102392012 posted on Feb 19th 2009 ...

From Old Team:

Raked Hands: 5,354
Joined Feb 8th 09

send me the team pw to:
ronny.baumberg at web.de

BMR102392012 posted on Feb 19th 2009 ...

hey im currently at team kings german legion, but it seems that i am the only active player. i wanna join you as you seem to make the most raked hands and i do about 1000 rh a DAY! (see my team)

hope to hear from you

HobbitSmasher posted on Feb 1st 2009 ...

Hello, I would like to join team too. I can earn more than 1000 per week and once downswing is over it will be closer to 2000 but being in downswing ill make 1000 at least just for the team sake.

chillipepp posted on Jan 3rd 2009 ...

hello I would like to join your team

williamjacobs ad home.nl

aka chillipepp

frankycad posted on Dec 29th 2008 ...

Hi Timigod!
One or two slots will be open on the french connection team (1st on the leaderboard)at the end of this challenge.....Leave a post on our wall if you want to be part of our team.

See you soon!

timigod posted on Dec 29th 2008 ...

hi, u know me? i am back on betmost and play nl 100/200/400 reg. normally 6tables. 40 hours a week. leaderboard rank29 and i have 14000nibs. pls inv me

chiquirritica posted on Dec 24th 2008 ...

hi pokerinho23¡¡¡
merry cristmas for u and your team.
GG and g l on the tables :) see u¡¡

Pokerinho23 posted on Dec 24th 2008 ...

Frohe Weihnachten und n guten Rutsch ins Neue.. c u at the tables...

whoopass posted on Nov 23rd 2008 ...

Had a hiatus from home for a couple of months but i'm back now nofriends. Can I get back on your team? If so, tell me how.

frankycad posted on Oct 26th 2008 ...

There's a spot open in my team (french connection, we are currently in 4th place) for a serious player who can make more than 750 raked hand a week.
See you there !

whoopass posted on Sep 6th 2008 ...

Let's go people, big money this month. Let's get to playin. I've only been a member for about 3 weeks and i'm already catching you guys in RHs.


tforceshadow posted on Aug 29th 2008 ...

if you need a t member im ready i play about 2000 raked hands a week. im danish and 38 year old my mail is tforceshadow@hotmail.com cya at the tables :)

Pokerinho23 posted on Aug 22nd 2008 ...

Kann mir jemand sagn warum ich meine FantasyHands net finde... ???

Dauert es bis es aktualisiert is???

greetz an mein TEAM!!!

Best regards

LUCKASS posted on Aug 13th 2008 ...

Evannpuskas, please leave your team in order to receive my invitation. there is no more password feature. we are happy that you join our fantastic team

Evannpuskas posted on Aug 12th 2008 ...

Lukas Kuhn, wrote me and told me i can join this team! Im ready to kick some ass!
give me a password to join and bang im there!


whoopass posted on Aug 12th 2008 ...

how do i apply? email me at smarty44@hotmail.com

whoopass posted on Aug 12th 2008 ...

Hey nofriendsinpoker, I just came over from pokerstars and I play 1000's of raked hands a day. Giddyup. Let me in by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

LUCKASS posted on Aug 11th 2008 ...

HEY GUYS, 3 slots are available. Please apply now !! peace

stelu27 posted on Aug 6th 2008 ...

nofriendsinpoker i want to join in your team .. i make very much RH in a week u find me on KIng it up or stelu27@yahoo.com

timigod posted on Aug 5th 2008 ...

ps: nice pic played some cashgames at the bellagio this year. very nice casino. did u play there too?
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