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Jsme lepsi nez nejlepsi.

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Top 5 Fantasy Hands

Td Tc Ts Qs Qh
Full House, Tens over Queens

8c 8h 8s Jc Js
Full House, Eights over Jacks

Kd Qc Jc Ts 9d
King High Straight

9s 8c 7d 6c 5h
Nine High Straight

8c 7h 6s 5h 4s
Eight High Straight

Team Comment Wall

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crltonfc posted on Jun 5th 2010 ...

sorry guys i dont get much time to play unfortunately.....

M0RGAN posted on Apr 24th 2009 ...

Nehledate ceskou posilu ? :o)

ShabanCrew posted on Aug 2nd 2008 ...

hi guys, i'll do my best to help in the next challenge

jarnolappa posted on Jul 7th 2008 ...

i joined to help you a bit. i can consume nice amount of raked hands each day ^^

chapum posted on Jul 2nd 2008 ...

come on people, lets win this challenger, i make 1500 raked hands yesterday.. i will try to do the same today, but i need that u guys do the same thing.

chapum posted on Jun 4th 2008 ...

aaaaaaaaaaaa, 2 flush coming :(, bad lucky. Keep doing like this team, we can win this, sorry about my rake hands, but i dont have time to play, sunday i will doing 3000 rake hands
good luck in tables

Kajubb posted on May 7th 2008 ...

Zdravim vsechny

hlawac posted on May 3rd 2008 ...

tak koukam ze s RH to jen dlouho trva...ale ty nibs jsou vazne divny...vubec se mi nepricitaji k celkovemu poctu

hlawac posted on May 3rd 2008 ...

nevite nekdo proc se mi nezapocitavaji nibs ani raked hands? psal jsem uz spoustu mailu na podporu, ale nic..

hlawac posted on May 2nd 2008 ...

zdarec, vsem jim to nandame:)
Displaying #1-10 of 10 total comments

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