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Posted on Jun 1st 2006  -  Subject: great place to talk about poker
my name is poker daddie and im glad that they have put back up the poker forum so that we can talk and express what we do at the poker tables , i just wanted to say thank you to poker inside for sponsering me for the 20.00 to play at c d poker . i played for quite a while on the 20.00 and hope i get another sponsership to play again i will log in quite regularly to talk and to post replies and again thank you poker inside. your poker freind pokerdaddie
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Posted on Jun 2nd 2006
I'm manicman and I have enjoyed your site since dec. 05. I am still playing on the initial $20 you gave me and have won thousands in between. I enjoy both your tables and lobby out of all the different poker rooms I have played. You have a very good community and it has been ejoyable to be a part of it. I look forward to many winning years to come and have found a home with
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Posted on Jun 2nd 2006
I just want to tell big thanks to PI for their new Sponsorship transfer system ! Thats great don't take 2 days to proceed . Thank you very much !
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Posted on Jun 20th 2006

Yeah, I agree. PokerInside has come a long way in the last few months, and they keep getting better and better. I am a serious poker player and glad they increased rakeback to 40% and are working towards providing us real players more benefits.

"Tip of the day" "Your first instincts are better than 95 percent correct if you're a poker player. That's because your first instinct comes from all the training and practice and skills that you've learned over the years."
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Posted on Jun 26th 2006
I would like to thank Pokerinside for the sponsorship even if I didn't make much money on it. And the forum is great because I have been given a lot of tips that have helped me at the tables.
Displaying #1-5 of 5 total posts