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Posted on Dec 18th 2010  -  Subject: what iv been up too
Well back on Betmost nearly a week now and things look to be going good ..... i ran out of money on Betmost late last year and wasnt in a position to reload plus events outside of poker had me take money out of some of my poker sites to cover expenses in my daily life so was left with only money in one site which wasnt part of the pokerinside sponsorship.  But i worked with what i had and kept looking around to see where i could get more money to play poker ... ( my situation dosent allow me to deposit money to play poker as i cant afford to .... married with two kids ) .... But earlier this year i joined a staking site this move has been very good for me as it has given me access to money to play with all the time ... and after a few months i managed to start making enough to start putting it in various different sites ( not huge money just $20 here $50 there) but enough to start playing on sites where the games i like to play are. so i came back and had a look around here again and really liked what i  saw with the changes made since i last played .... The new freerolls look very interesting and staking ..... wow staking should be interesting to see how that works here ...... as in a staking site very strict rails are kept to follow the use of the money you get ... havent seen that here so am curious. So went to one of my poker sites took out 20 euro and deposited in Betmost and decided to work at getting entry to one or two of these freerolls ... as of this moment i have qualified for the first two ..... and have to day and two more days to qualify for the third ... so hopefully i will manage this  ... really thought id be lucky to make two so very pleased .... plus i have some poker payback for my effort and managed to do this while making a small profit on the cash tables also 3 nibs away from the next level MANIAC so should hit that to day ... maybe win a prize for hitting that level or better still increase my payback booster so all in all things going well ... hopefully will manage to build a roll here with careful cash play and some good results in the freerolls .... 
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Posted on Dec 21st 2010

Welcome back!

Im glad you like our new changes, it looks like you have been doing well so far in Betmost pretty sure you will be able to qualify for at least 3 of the weekly tournament and who knows you might win all three =) If you ever need anything don't hesitate to let us know and keep us posted on your progress!!! Good luck!

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Posted on Dec 27th 2010
Welcome back, hpe the cards keep coming for you so that you can give something nice to the 2 kids :) I'm also 2 nibs away to level me up here... GL sir!
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Posted on Apr 3rd 2011
Everything is choice.
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