US military comes with laser weapons

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Posted on Apr 10th 2017  -  Subject: US military comes with laser weapons
Cash is using 3-D blue laser pointer gear to scan the entrance monument as it currently stands.It consists of a neodymium laser that emits infrared light onto the sample that has to be analysed.The aim of this programme is to mature the technologies for a defensive laser weapon system.Scientists have now developed a technique that uses diamonds to merge multiple laser beams together. In that sense, 100mw Laser Pointer( ) may still be "a solution looking for a problem".But unlike in the movies, the laser beam is invisible to the naked eye.Such a laser could knock out a missile sideways on, where it is most vulnerable.The US military is also weighing the possibility of mounting lasers on drones flying. The other challenge in making military lasers was how to operate them as actual weapons.As to other uses for this technology, their relatively short range means that laser missile defense.In essence, lasers are an old technology.A laser beam is also straight – whereas a drill bit will slip, move around and follow stresses in the earth.
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts