The rest of the Panthers’ MMOgo

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Posted on Oct 24th 2017  -  Subject: The rest of the Panthers’ MMOgo
The rest of the Panthers’ draft will be about bringing in youthful talent on both sides of the ball. The defense is particularly long in the tooth after it added three free agents over the age of 33: defensive end Julius Peppers, defensive tackle Paul Soliai and strong safety Mike Adams, along with 29-year-old cornerback Captain. Munnerlyn.Gettleman is happy he was able to get his Pro Bowl and franchise-tagged defensive tackle Kawann Short signed to a long-term deal, thus avoiding another Josh Norman-type problem where a premier player is lost due to contract issues. As for Newton, it's surprising to hear Rivera say the three-time Pro Bowler needs to "rebuild his confidence." But the GM can expedite that process.Gettleman can do it with an influx of offensive talent via this draft. He knows he needs to deliver in order to help the Panthers return to the playoffs.Otherwise, Gettleman's NFL Executive of the Year award from 2015 might not protect him from the wrath of team owner Jerry Richardson.Jeff Diamond is the former president of the. Titans and the former vice president/general manager of the Vikings. He was selected NFL Executive of the Year in 1998. Diamond is currently a business and sports consultant who also does broadcast and online media work. He is the former chairman and CEO of The Ingram Group. Follow Jeff on Twitter: @jeffdiamondNFL. Aaron Hernandez legacy: not a fallen star, but a killer who could play | NFL | Sporting News. Aaron Hernandez is not a cautionary tale. For him to be a cautionary tale, he would have to be the star athlete, enriched by his talents, who took a wrong turn, made terrible decisions and threw away a chance of a lifetime.That’s not who Aaron Hernandez was. Aaron Hernandez was a killer who played football really well. He happened to accomplish more in his chosen field, make more money and gain more fame than most killers ever do. Aaron Hernandez timelineThere’s nothing to caution anybody about, certainly not other talented athletes or young celebrities or impressionable youths. Not unless they already have that ability to destroy lives on a broad scale, directly and indirectly, while completely compartmentalizing their own athletic lives.Some people can. O.J. Simpson apparently could, based on what we know about him 40 years after his football career ended. He's the athlete most easily compared to
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts