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Posted on May 19th 2010  -  Subject: SnG,s
Why can,t  PI put together sngs. for poker members on PI where we can use our points to either play for more points or nibs?
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Posted on May 19th 2010

We used to have some called Jackpot SnG it did work a well for some time but after that no more interest from our members to play in them. If you have ideas on how we could do a series of SnGs events let us know we would love to hear what you have to say.

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Posted on May 21st 2010
Dear PI Team, my idea is to open some knockout tournaments on betmost. For example 1$ buy in + 0.40fee  (also higher buy ins) You can give 20cent for a knockout. How do you think about that?^^
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Posted on Oct 13th 2010
I would consider sngs or tournaments with real prizes like poekr books PI t-shirts and other easy to get stuff , I belive people will mass on these with a decent nibs buy-in
the limit ? there is no limit !!!
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Posted on Nov 19th 2010
i like playing the super turbo crane SnG, 1.20$ buyin
wanna fight?
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Posted on Nov 21st 2010  -  Subject: sng
yeah, give away prizes, people love that crap
Displaying #1-6 of 6 total posts