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Posted on Jan 10th 2011  -  Subject: help me
how to play poker fantasy??
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Posted on Jan 11th 2011
u have to join a team go to Fantasy Poker > Browse Teams > typ in the search field New Members of PI then join the team
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Posted on Jan 14th 2011

Exactly just explore the Fantasy Poker page, you join or create your own team and you will be able to compete in the monthly leaderboard!

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Posted on Jan 30th 2011  -  Subject:
Maybe you dont know where to join team?
i love poker ;)
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Posted on Mar 25th 2011  -  Subject: help you
jus join a team, and play raked hands, PI will do the rest
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Posted on Mar 30th 2011
Just enter on a team.
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Displaying #1-6 of 6 total posts