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Posted on Jun 14th 2011
A big scam! Was playing blackjack and won a good amount of cash when I started bet bigger amounts I was getting 20-21 alot but for some reason the dealer would get 21 when I get 20 and always have blackjack when I have blackjack. I lost 20 hands straight which really shows that its 100% manipulated to prevent players from actually make cash in the casino. I've been playing blackjack for years and quite experienced and won a good amount of cash throughout the years so I am positive that betmost manipulates the casino. Did not expect anything less from SCAMMOST!
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Posted on Jun 15th 2011
I totally disagree... playing CASINO GAMES online first is a problem.. imagine.. at a real casino its 99% of the time you will lose because the ''house'' as an advantage, imagine online? online casinos is all the same at every single online sites, its crap unless you really look to have fun, if you want to make money play poker! Saying BetMost is rigging their casino games is stupid... you think a company like iPoker with hundreds of skins want some of their game to be rigged and lose their licenses ... ya right. Just stick to poker man
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Posted on Jul 9th 2011
am i the only one in trouble with betmost? funny. i wonder when i will get an answer to my questions regarding this site
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