Aside from a powerful laser pointer against soft targets

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Posted on Mar 6th 2017  -  Subject: Aside from a powerful laser pointer against soft targets
Aside from a powerful laser pointer against soft targets, these little smart bombs offer the most precise and surgical aerial precision strike capability on the drawing board today.The CLWS fire control system will automatically track and keep the laser firing on a selected target.Drones can have sensors, day or night cameras, infrared vision and laser targeting, as well as sensors to identify WMDs.A firm that's been working with its Chinese partners for over 15 years has delivered laser rangefinders to China. The MoD said in a statement that "the potential of laser based weapons systems has been identified as an opportunity and offers significant advantages.The remarks came last week as part of testimony before the laser program mention isn't really an offensive weapon.The U.S. Navy already tested a laser weapon on a ship deployed to the Persian Gulf, and wants more lasers by 2020. The US Army and General Dynamics Land Systems are developing a green laser pointer weapon aimed at better arming the armored vehicle.The laser weapon system uses its own tracking radar to acquire targets in the event that other sensors on the vehicle are disabled in combat.The Army plans to fire lasers to protect forward bases by 2023 as part of an integrated system of technologies, sensors and weapons designed to thwart incoming attacks.
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts