WPT Marrakech completes both Day 1's

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Posted on Nov 28th 2010  -  Subject: WPT Marrakech completes both Day 1's

Day 1a and Day 1b are now complete at the 2nd ChiliPoker WPT Marrakech main event in Morrocco.  Day 1a saw 137 players with 51 of those surviving to return on Monday.  Sebastian Homann of Germany with over 300,000 chips.

Day 1b had 68 players registered with some big names in Liz Lieu, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Ludovic Lacay, Antony Lellouche,Carlos Mortensen, Arnaud Mattern, and Thomas Bichon among them.

David Benyamine bought in the 4th and final level to enter on Sunday and busted out after only 90 minutes of play. He was joined by Carlos Mortensen who was also eliminated early.

Johan Williamson led Day 1b with 192,000 with Erik Tamm in second with 178,900.

There are 82 players remaining to resume play on Monday for the drive to make the money.

The top 27 will make the money.

1st: €254,745
2nd: €141,518
3rd: €94,345
4th: €75,472
5th: €56,609
6th: €37,736
7th: €30,190
8th: €26,418
9th: €20,754
10th: €16,981
11th-15th: €13,209
16th-20th: €11,318
21st-27th: €9,434

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Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts