UB Owners Suggest New Cheating Discovered

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Posted on Oct 16th 2010  -  Subject: UB Owners Suggest New Cheating Discovered

The latest news of scandal, discord and cheating between current and former owners of UB/AP was revealed yesterday. Lawyers for ex-UB shareholders shared a one page pdf about being stiffed on the $120M deal they made after UIGEA. The new owners of UB/AP are apparently planning to fight to get out of the deal and in this new bit of information, Joe Norton/Paul Leggett is alleging "newly discovered" cheating at UB over and above what has already been reported. They dropped the news on a Friday evening to keep it low-key, but it seems pretty important and definitely a new wrinkle to the scandal.


There is some speculation that some of the buyers could easily have been the perpetrators of the "new" allegations.

Will the lawyers be able to untangle the web of ownership.

How will Paul L. explains newly discovered cheating in light of his previous statements?

If they are recent incidents (i.e. xblink), then all the purported new security measures failed.

If it is undiscovered older incidents, why was it not discovered by the supposedly thorough revue and audits done by Kozai, the KGC and whoever Blast Off/Cereus employed to do the internal audit.


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