Top Five Poker Robberies

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Posted on Oct 15th 2010  -  Subject: Top Five Poker Robberies

After the recent Scott Montgomery mugging in a Bellagio bathroom, PokerPlayer was inspired to compile the top 5 poker robberies in recent poker history.  Their selection:

1. German Blitzkrieg

Four heavily armed robbers stormed the Grand Hyatt Hotel's casino, confronting 20 players at this year's EPT Berlin Main Event and making away with $300k from the High Roller prizepool.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured by the crooks who were clad head to tow in ski masks and wielding shiny machetes and pea-shooters who got away in their getaway car.

In the aftermath, the crooks were arrested and are now behind bars, but only $5k of the money was recovered.

2. Las Vegas Home Invasion

Two gunment broke into the Las Vegas home of renowned poker auther David Sklansky demanding payment.  The 44 year old David remained calm despite the dire threats.

‘I have no personal animosity toward these guys. They used the absolute lowest level of force necessary to accomplish their purposes. . . .  if this is being read by the robbers, I would request that they mail me those few things (photos, etc.) that are of no value to them, but are to me,’ an optimistic Sklansky wrote afterwards.

3. Raymer's bulge

Grey "the fossilman" Raymer, 2004 WSOP Main Event champion was targeted outside his Bellagio hotel room when the robbers were drawn to the massive bulge in his pants after returning from the Vegas cash tables in 2004.

Greg fought hard to protect his new $150k in winnings and security eventually chased the attackers away.

‘I don't write this to brag, I just want any robbery-minded people out there who hear about this to know that I'm a tough mark, and they won't get that much off me even if they succeed,’ he later posted online.

4. Bathroom violation

The previously mentioned Scott Montgomery takes up the 4th spot.  2008 November Niner and WSOP bracelet winner Scott Montgomer, rumored to be dating top pro Annette Obrestad, was the victim of this crime in October of 2010.

The 29 year old Montgomery was alleviated of his $2k in his wallet, when he was cornered by a "black guy" with a knife. Montgomery was critical of the non chalant Bellagio security who said basically "Oh well, life sucks, not much we can do, have a nice day."

5. Brunson's battles

Doyle Brunson has been robbed more time than he can remember in his legendary poker career.  He has been the victim stickups, home invasions, casual muggins, beatings, and a pick pocket or two.  During teh 2005 World Series, Doyle was returning home from an Omaha event to find two masked mention waiting on his lawn.  When a gun was displayed, Doyle feigned a heart attack knowing that the silent alarm had already been triggered and he needed to buy time.

‘Five times this guy put the gun right to my head and said, ‘You’re fixin’ to die’,’ Doyle revealed. ‘I thought that if I was going to die, I was just going to die right there and then.’ Eventually, with Brunson's wife' hauled out of bed, calls from the alarm company, and security arriving, the attacked departed prematurely with only $200 and some casino chips.


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