Sam El Sayed wins WPT Amneville

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Posted on Nov 7th 2010  -  Subject: Sam El Sayed wins WPT Amneville

The chip leader coming into the final table, Sam El Sayed wins the WPT Amneville. The experienced Swiss poker player has been playing for 24 years and had big scores including a huge cash in the Sunday Million. He has traveled around the world to play poker.  He is originally from Lebanon.

Sam El Sayed raised from the button to 800K. Franck made the call. The flop came and Franck check/called 800K. On the turn , Franck checked again and Sam fired 2 millions. Franck shoved all-in and was instantly called by Sam, who could win the tournament if he won the hand.

Sam El Sayed :
Franck Pepe :

on the river did it for Sam. Sam El Sayed has won the first World Poker Tour of Amneville and the 426,425€. Franck Pepe won 226,613€ for his second place.

1 Sam El Sayed 426,425 € + an entry to WPT World Championship at Bellagio (worth 25,000$)
2 Franck Pepe 229,613 € + an entry to the next WPT Paris (worth 10,000€)
3 Ilan Boujenah 161,550 €
4 Nesrin Kourdourli 109,886 €
5 William Bresson 79,545 €
6 Jean-Paul Pasqualini 62,323 €
7 Julien Robert 46,743 €
8 Georges Chehade 34,442 €

Source: PartyPokerBlog

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