Quebec Area Gambling Community Study

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Posted on Nov 15th 2010  -  Subject: Quebec Area Gambling Community Study

The recent World Series of Poker Main Event win by Quebec native 24 year old Jonathan Duhamel has brought considerable attention on that poker playing region of the world.  According to Duhamel and friends, there is a thriving community of poker players in Canada, especially in Quebec.

A recent study reported in the Montreal Gazette indicates some interesting numbers regarding the online gambling community in Quebec.  The Concordia University study estimated that 86,000 adult Quebecers spend an average of $9,903 apiece each year gambling on the internet. The online bettors are largely unmarried males under age 44.  From the nearly 12,000 polled, gamblers who avoid online wagering spent a far lower average of $527.

The dramatically higher average outlay of online gambling was skewed "because a few online gamblers are very big spenders" say Sylvia Kairouz, who co led the study.

Kairouz's study indicated that there was no statistically higher incidences of problem gambling than there have been historically at .7 to 1.3 percent.

About 60 percent of internet gamblers play online poker, while online sports betting was next at 14.7 per cent.

One interesting side finding to the study was the prevalence of online gamblers and their penchant for smoking weed at the rate of one in three players, much higher than their non-online playing counter parts.

The finding will be used to support recommendations for prevention and treatment of gambling problems, but also drew the attention of Loto-Quebec, who plan to introduce online gambling options by year's end.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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