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Posted on Oct 23rd 2010  -  Subject: Poker Pro Popularity Contest

Poker players love to keep score.  Normally it is at the poker table recording victories or cash game wins.  But the most visible poker players have a new way to keep score.  How many Twitter followers they have.  Before it was just a number they could brag about, but now has created some algorithm that supposedly determines the value of each Twitter account and assigns a monetary value. So how much are 1,101,700 followers worth?

According to TweetValue, that is the number of followers that Joe Sebok has and it attributes a value of $52,274. Joe was one of the first to adopt Twitter and has been more aggressive than others. He has also created the most number of tweets. His ability to spread his message to over a million followers a day definitely has value.

Other notable poker players followers and value:

Doyle Brunson - 355,386 = $27,867

Daniel Negreanu - 64,739 = $6,881

Phil Hellmuth -   49,364 = $5,058

Annie Duke - 24,432 = $3042

WSOP - 21,409 = $2,622

Barry Greenstein - 21,781 = $ $2,303

Phil Laak - 16,749 = $1867

Erik Seidel - 14,558 = $1483

Jean-Robert Bellande - 10,420 = $1338

Matt Savage - 5,888 = $1,216

Antonio Esfandiari - 9763 = $1,035

Apparently different weight is given to different types of followers, how many you follow, or how many times you have tweeted. Different pros use Twitter to promote, educate or just entertain their followers. It will be interesting to see in the coming years what poker players are best able to utilize this messaging medium to best effect.

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