Poker Mockumentary wins Cincinnati Film Festival Award

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Posted on Oct 22nd 2010  -  Subject: Poker Mockumentary wins Cincinnati Film Festival Award

A new poker themed mockumentary, Hitting the Nuts, won the 2010 Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at the recent Cincinnati Film Festival.  The movie depicts the humorous story of a rural Indiana poker series and the unique characters aspiring to win it. The movies tag line "Even Professional Poker has a Farm System" plays off the dreams of small town folk hoping to make it big in poker.

The world premiere was on October 9th. Hitting the Nuts received overwhelmingly positive reviews in its first entered film festival and hopes to gain great notoriety in the near future in its goal to get wider distribution. The annual illegal poker championship in Scott County, Indiana is a backdrop to portray the outrageous broup of blue-blooded American misfits who dream of hitting the nuts.

Hitting the Nuts hopes to become the definitive comedic satire for the poker world, what Caddy Shack did for golf, or Strange Brew was for hockey.

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