PartyPoker latest site to introduce anonymous tables

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Posted on Nov 5th 2010  -  Subject: PartyPoker latest site to introduce anonymous tables

PartyPoker, the world's third largest poker site, is the latest site to introduce an anonymous feature on their site.  Following the lead of Ladbrokes who recently created designated tables where you could be anonymous, PartyPoker have created anonymous heads-up cash game tables

Anonymous heads up tables are available from $0.25/$0.50 limit on upwards in the no-limit hold'em section.  The anonymous tables are popular with recreational players who fear being taken advantage of by their past record or results. They continue up to the highest available heads up levels, which might encourage some players who fear the widespread use of poker tracking software, which allows professional players to profile their opponents and target bad players.

Instead of your usual username, players sitting at the table are simply named player 1 or player 2 and that anonymous identity isn't tracable to your previous play or identity.

Source: IDB

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Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts