New feature length poker documentary in the works from the teams behind CardRunners & DeucesCracked

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Posted on Oct 18th 2010  -  Subject: New feature length poker documentary in the works from the t

DeucesCracked owner Jason Rosenkrantz and CardRunners CEO Taylor Caby are teaming up with documentary filmmaker Ryan Firpo, director of the previous poker shorts 'From Busto to Robusto, episodses 1 and 2, to produce the hoped for definitive feature length documentary about the online poker boom.  The working title for the project is 'BOOM.'

The project plans to chronicle the key events in the evolution of online poker and examine its impact on the lives of a handful of online poker players from around the world. According to Jay Rosenkrantz "it’s going to be a film about the pursuit of true freedom through the highs and lows of professional gambling, and the rare opportunity awarded to a generation of poker players: the opportunity to actually achieve it."

The producers hope to not just recount the memes of the past, but rather capture the spirit of the boom years, the climate of online poker today, and shed some light on where they see poker going to make it relevant to a wider audience.

The production team is currently finishing up fundraising, coming entirely from a group of high stakes poker players and leaders within the poker community. They are coming the poker world for potential character choices.  They plan to enter pre-production soon.  They can be reached or followed at Twitter @boomdocumentary, or emailed at, with any suggestions. 

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Posted on Oct 19th 2010
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