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Posted on Oct 21st 2010  -  Subject: More Poker Guinness World Records

Earlier this year, we had two new Guinness World Records set in the longest time spend playing poker in a single session.  First, Phil Laak destroyed Paul Zimber's 78 hour record with his own 115 hours straight at the Bellagio, then a group of Australians broke the record again.

The Guinness World Record card house building category has been owned for years by American Bryan Berg. He owns all the records for building the tallest houses of cards in the world. His record for tallest structure is a replica of a 2007 skyscraper that measured 25 feet, 9 inches tall.

His most recent Guinness World Record was this past March, when Berg made a reproduction of the Venetian Macau resort hotel that took four days and 218,792 cards to complete.  It was 34 feet long, 10 feet tall and weighted 600 pounds. (no glue or tape is used). Check out his website for images of some of his amazing creations -

Now comes word that the world's biggest chip stack was completed earlier this week by the Paddy Power poker team.  Five individuals labored for over 72 hours to assemble a chip stack of over 75,000 chips that reach just under 10 feet tall.

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