Ladbrokes introduces Anonymous Poker

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Posted on Oct 22nd 2010  -  Subject: Ladbrokes introduces Anonymous Poker

Ladbrokes, one of the older gambling companies around, is introducing a new feature that it expects to help stem the negative tide of late in its poker operations. While the Cake Poker Network allows you to change your alias every two weeks, Ladbrokes is taking it even further by offering a feature where your alias and avatar are hidden from your competitor at the designated Anonymous Tables.

Ladbrokes hope it will appeal to players concerned by their opponents targetting them due to their prior history. If another player has tagged your alias or made notes on you, they will not be able to view them. All players seated will be given an anonymous alias.  Even poker tracking software won't be able to track you or display prior associated stats with your anonymous identity.

Head of poker at Ladbrokes, Kate McLennan, commented: “We are really excited about this launch. Never before have poker players been able to play without other players knowing who they are. This brings an added element to the game for people whose playing style maybe recognisable.

“For those new to the game, it is an opportunity to try some different moves without getting a reputation because players will simply never know who they are playing against.”

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