Huge Cash Games going on in Macau - Durrr, Ivey, Giang, Juanda

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Posted on Nov 12th 2010  -  Subject: Huge Cash Games going on in Macau - Durrr, Ivey, Giang, Juan

Macau, over the last few years, has replaced Las Vegas as the biggest gambling mecca in the world.  The Asian and Chinese markets have been more slow to incorporate poker into that mix of gambling games. When word came down that Phil Ivey and friends were headed to the APPT Macau event, excitement rose as the world's best were heading to the regional poker tournament. 

It appears that Phil Ivey's interest, along with other high stakes pros wasn't the actual tournament, but rather the potentially massive and juicy cash games. They are playing at the Hard Rock Poker Room in Macau.

Reports from Matt Savage, the tournament director indicate that "despite the light turnout at the Asian Poker Tour Macau the cash games are some of the biggest in history as Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Chau Giang, and John Juanda are playing HK$5,000-10,000 with some Chinese businessmen. The game plays much bigger and there was about 40 million on the table last night when I saw the game."

According to Savage, the players were talking about doubling the blinds for the next session from 5k/10HK$ to 10k/20k HK$ which is approximately 13 US cents, so 10k/20k HK$ is equivalent to $1300/$2,600, and they are playing deep stacked NL Hold'em with players who are not afraid to gamble.

Savage says that the biggest winner so far is Juanda, while Dwan, Ivey, and Giang were down "a few million HK$ combined".

"Tom Dwan made it through day one in the 5K main event but only came downstairs to play one hand 10-4 off suit in an attempt to bust and get back to the cash game but instead he doubled up and asked me to call him as soon as he was under 20 BB's," Savage explains, and also mentions that Dwan is already planning moving to Macau - though he may have been only joking.  Tom eventually busted in 25th place and he is headed to the more lucrative cash games now.

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Posted on Nov 13th 2010
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