Gus Hansen - October Heater

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Posted on Oct 25th 2010  -  Subject: Gus Hansen - October Heater

Gus Hansen seems to have that rare ability to go on big runs. After taking a lot of heat for his losing 2010 results, Gus has been on a tear in the last two weeks on Full Tilt.

Gus had been down about $3.5 million on the year, but he has profited $1.3 million in the last two weeks and has been playing a ton. He has had several lengthy high stakes heads up PLO matches against several players, including one of his main nemeses, Urindanger. 

Lately it has been going Gus' way as he finished off a massive 11 hour session against Urindanger to finish up $447k. It's that much more impressive when most of his winnings seem to be at the CAP PLO games of $200/400 or $500/1000. Gus is definitely looking to ride this latest heater and has been sitting waiting for games many hours a day.

He took a large chunk from Luukie21 and has done well against DrugsOrMe.  There are many players who will give Gus action, so it will be interesting to see how long this heater runs.

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Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts