Goodnight Phil Laak, New Endurance World Record Set

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Posted on Nov 29th 2010  -  Subject: Goodnight Phil Laak, New Endurance World Record Set

Phil Laak received tremendous press and attention this past summer when he set a new Guinness World record for consecutive live play at 115 hours.  This past week, a group of New Zealand players attempted to beat the record.

According to the Wanganui Chronicle a pair of players set a new record of 117 hours played. 

Christie Teki-Reu and "Chopper" left the poker table together on Saturday after a world record-breaking 117 hours, two hours longer than Phil Laak did at the Wynn this past summer.

Eight players started the world record attempt at 5pm on Monday in the Grand Hotel.

For every non-stop hour the players completed, they were allowed a five-minute break which they could accumulate to take a longer break.

Ms Teki-Reu said the Thursday and Friday nights were the hardest, but buoyed by meals brought in by her partner Kevin and the support of her family, she made it over the line at 2pm on Saturday.

She then went home and slept from 3-8pm, then went back to bed at 10pm and woke yesterday morning at 8am.

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