David Benefield - Quietly making over a million in 2010

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Posted on Oct 20th 2010  -  Subject: David Benefield - Quietly making over a million in 2010

David Benefield has always seemed to be in the poker limelight. He was one of Tom 'durrrr' Dwan's first and best poker friends as they first made their marks in poker. He was a lead instructor and top blogger on CardRunners while becoming a visible Red pro on Full Tilt.  Then he decided to go back to college and quit playing poker his first semester back.  But in 2010, David has slowly and steadily been playing poker and continuing to win all year long. It has largely gone unnoticed because he has been playing levels just under the highest levels where the spotlight is focused.

As of October 8th, HishStakesDB had his as the 8th biggest winner with $1.36 million in winnings.  No huge days, just grinding our very frequent wins when he has played. 

Last night on Full Tilt, he took on one of those more visible and successful 2010 high stakes players in Daniel 'ungleman12' Cates on a heads up PLO match.  They played 1808 hands of $100/$200 with David finishing up with a $134,000 win pushing his yearly winnings over $1.5 million dollars for a part time player who is balancing school and an active social life.

David is keeping a low profile for the meantime, but it seems his poker thirst wasn't quenched completely by the acedemic rigors of returning to college. 

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Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts