Biggest Winners and Losers in 2010

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Posted on Oct 14th 2010  -  Subject: Biggest Winners and Losers in 2010

We are three quarters through 2010 and it's time to check out who the biggest cash game winners and losers are.  As of October 8th, according to HighStakesDB, the two biggest winners are Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Daniel "Jungleman12" Cates who are neck and neck with over $4 million in profits.  It is interesting that they are also tangling in the Durrrr challenge 2, where Jungleman has a sizable lead early in the match. Phil Ivey is third with about $3 million in profit, while Norwegian Andreas "skjervoy" Tobergsen is in fourth with around $2.5 million won.

Biggest Winners

1. durrrrr  $4.02 million
2. jungleman12 $4 million
3. Phil Ivey $3.08 million
4. Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen $2.5 million
5. “LokoIsBack” $2.44 million
6. Jared “harrington25″ Bleznick $2.4 million
7. Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn $1.63 million
8. David Benefield $1.36 million
9 “NEKOTYAN” $1.24 million
10.Ashton “theASHMAN103″ Griffin $1.23 million

On the losing side, Gus Hansen has the distinction as the biggest loser with over $3.6 million in loses.  Brian Townsend should technically have the title as biggest loser of since two of his usernames, Brian Townsend and sbrugby, have accumulated losses of nearly $4 million. He has two usernames on the list because he used to be a Full Tilt red pro and lead instructor with CardRunners and is now on his own. Matutuk is in third with $1.5 million in losses while Cole South continues his poor run with $1.4 million in losses.

Biggest Losers

1. Gus Hansen -$3.68 million
2. Brian Townsend -$2.5 million
3. Matatuk -$1.5 million
4. Cole South -$1.45 million
5. ZeeJustin -$1.44 million
6. sbrugby -$1.4 million
7. howisitfeellike -$1.31 million
8. Esvedra -$1.3 million
9. Richard Ashby -$1.29 million
10. PixKim -$1.2 million

High stakes players will be motivated to try to reverse losses or further enhance their profit in the last three months of the year.  It should be an exciting time in high stakes cash games.

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