A sign that you are one of the top cash game players in the world

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Posted on Oct 23rd 2010  -  Subject: A sign that you are one of the top cash game players in the

When you can casually mention in conversation that you dropped 500 in a poker game.  That is $500,000, not $500.

Listening to the recent On The Table podcast at PokerStatic.com, Phil Galfond casually mentioned that he recently played Cadillac1944 in a $500/1000 PLO match on Full Tilt.  He had gotten up about $100k early in the match when in the span of 13 hands he dropped over $600,000. Little or no reaction could be seen on his face and little follow up discussion was offered to explain the bad run.

In a second similar situation, I happened to have a conversation with Andreas "skjervoy" Tobergsen regarding an upcoming interview possibility.  He had recently taken a long holiday weekend with his girlfriend to the UK and was back in Norway. I mentioned that I hadn't seen him playing of late.  He said he had been busy but he had dropped 500 last night on Stars. Not $500 but $500,000. No other conversation ensued and we discussed other topics.  After our conversation, I followed up with some research and discovered that he had battled Niki "REalAndyBeal" Jedlicka the night before and lost around $530,000 to him.  Andreas is having a great year overall, up $2.5 milion on Full Tilt and $890k on PokerStars, before last night.

Both of these high stakes players are aggressive and talented. Both players have won millions of dollars. But it is certainly the sign that you can handle playing at the highest stakes when you can casually mention you lost $500k without any defensiveness or explanation. It's a part of the game and just not that big a deal to them.

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