Who says 72 is the worst starting hand lol

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Posted on Sep 11th 2010  -  Subject: Who says 72 is the worst starting hand lol
This was my first hand on a SNG and I could help but chuckle when I took it down. Luckly the other players gave me the odds to continue past the flop. I was wary of a poor kicker on the turn and shove on the river because I was pot commited. Here is the hand in question Me: 7c 2c porsegris 9c Kh elefante Jh Qs tippsouth calls 20 action fold to MP3 porsegris calls 20 elefante calls 20 action folds to me on BB and I check FLOP 7s Kc Qc I check porsegris bets 45 elefante calls I call TURN 7d I check porsegris bets 168.75 elefante calls I call RIVER Jd I check porsegris  bets 731.25 elefante calls I raise 1266.25 allin porsegris calls elefante calls  
Go all in I tell you
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Posted on Sep 14th 2010
Famous 7-2 we all gotta be lucky sometimes eh!?
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Posted on Sep 30th 2010  -  Subject: poker
thats what i mean with people that cant play poker :) 7 2 isnt that bad if you know how to play with it but you are just terrible at poker i can see that instant :) i lost aswell yesterday with A A in my hand flop A k 7 he had 9 6 in his hand and he called an all on the flop i had like 20 chips more then him so that was the end of my tournament he made runner runner flush gg
donks get rewarded remember that :)
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Posted on Oct 12th 2010
wanna fight?
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Posted on Oct 29th 2010
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Displaying #1-5 of 5 total posts